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Can you fall in love with someone who isn't in love with you?

What if you love that person for 3 years and he or she never noticed you and it hurt you to your heart. What should you do when you can't seem too move on? You have done all you can and you can't break away.., no matter how badly he tells you he hates you and or leave him alone? What should you do?

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    It sounds as though you have alot of love inside to share.

    Be bold and strong and break away from this dead situation that never should have been.

    Live in the now. Wear nice clothes, smell pretty and smile and you will be notice. Be true to yourself. When your Mr. right finally does come along, I'm sure he'll be happy with the boatload of affection you will give him.

    Pray to and thank God for what you have and what you will receive.

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    It sounds as if you are pretty young to me. I don't mean to diminish the intensity of your feelings in any way.

    As you get older you will realize that the things that happen in your youth aren't very important in respect to your whole life. Frankly, I don't believe you have moved on with your life. If you had you wouldn't talk to him. What you need to do is actually move on with your life. Delete his phone number from your cell phone. Don't call him and don't answer if he calls you.

    There are lots of people out there. Despite the "made for you" attitude that advertisers and romance novelists try to encourage you to believe in, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of people you can fall in love with and live a fulfilling life.

    I think you need to grow up a little bit and look beyond what you have focused on. Sometime soon you will find someone or something that will make you wonder why you were so confused.

    Good luck and a big hug when you feel alone, but you can move beyond this. Email me if you want someone to talk to.

    God bless.


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    You can love somebody without being loved in return, it happens to almost everyone. The situation is complicated and very hard to get past because you need to know why they dont feel the same but in all reality its not something that can be answered. Love is such a complicated thing to begin with, if he doesnt feel the same for you there's no way to make him feel the same. And im sorry to say but, love isnt something that you can get rid of, you'll always love him whether you want to or not, whether it hurts or not. The only solution to the situation is to find somebody else, somebody you can give your love to and have his in return and then yoour love for the other guy will soon fade.

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    wow ...that must be harsh. i mean i'm the kind of person that fall in love with whoever i'm attracted to [ i mean guy - wise], but i keep it hidden real deep within me until i get to know the person a little bit. if i sense that he doesn't live up to my interests or shows no respect to me..then i just leave him.and my feelings eventually leave. But if the guy really does live up to my expectations....then i may consider him as a future husband. However, in your situation i believe that you HAVE to move on and find another man who can really see who your truly are. someone who is beautiful and from what i've read - some one who is committed to her love. i see that you are ready for a really serious relationship and maybe that's what he's afraid of . and if that 's the case then he's not the real man for you...and count that as a blessing. thus, i suggest to be patient and wait for the right man to cross your path. It may take a long time...but honey, i promise'll be worthwhile. Good Luck.

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    Yes you can fall in love with someone who doesn't love you...but there is a point where if he says he hates you and stuff you really have to move on...come on gurl u gotta have more self pride than that.......just tell yourself that he's an unworthy jack-donkey who isn't worth your time...and he's not good enough for you...and instead of thinking about him....start spending more time with your girls.....concentrating on your schoolwork...getting involved in after-school activities (that HE'S not in) can get over'll just take some work....

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    I was in this same situation.. 3 years..wasted. I loved him sooo much and he didn't care about me, wanted everyone, but me. It hurt soo much. And then, he moved. And so he wasn't always hanging around as a constant reminder of what I could never have. I fell for someone else. Someone better. But there are still times now where I think about what could have been...

  • Yes, you can, and people do all the time. Limiting contact with the person once you know that they don't share the feelings is best. Mostly because it will eat you up inside if you are always around them.

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    OH yes you can be very much in love with someone and they may not feel anything close. Your best to tell then you love them and gauage the reaction....I am in love with my best friend of the opposite sex, we say we love each other whenever we speak but a brother sister love to him

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    You should realize that you could have spent those last three years finding someone who actually wants to be with you. You have already wasted so much of your time, do you really want to waste even more?

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    Unfortunately! 7 years! It took me seven years to get over the guy I loved who didn't love me back.

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