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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentImmigration · 1 decade ago

What do all you Americans think about Hispanics,, illegals / immigration?? etc...?

ok i want to know your honest opinions i don't care you can just speak your mind out if you are racist fine i respect your thought. Should there be an amnesty ? or are you against it and why? What do you Americans think about hispanics .....illegals/ immigration ... etc. To tell my personal story i came here when i was 2 months old bearly born i was once illegal and i am not ashame to say i am proud where i come from but i also respect your country since it has given me many opportunities i might have not of had in mexico. My parents came with a visa and didn't go back we didn't cross illegaly although we did stay it wasn't my fault but with out this decision my family wouldn't of made it where we are today we opened up a business and we are now citizens. All hispanics pay bills, taxes, car insurence , health etc.. why do you say we don't ? And No we are not taking your jobs we are actually making the state bigger, We are like any other person just working 2 survive.

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    to be honest, i think it depends on the state itself. the states that has high (illegal) immigration obviously should be the ones whose opinions carry more weight than the states that dont.

    in a smaller scale though, its a little "unfair" to those who went through all the legal paperwork to obtain all the documents necessary to live/exist in this country when there are those who, quite frankly, just want to work to send money back to their families or - really, dont have the room to save for it.

    it truly is a sticky and double edged sword since there are shades of gray in this situation.

    i, actually, dont really know where i stand about granting amnesties since - if the state or government do grant amnesties then ... wouldnt all the other illegal aliens rather just wait until a set period to get their greencards? most especially when there are those right now who are doing the 'right thing' of the paperwork filing and the waiting and the fees for the lawyers and the actual document itself?

    USA is built on immigration - there is no doubt about it.

    but they did it the right way - and there lies a difference. and probably the reasons why the government is hesitant about granting amnesties

  • 1 decade ago

    Personally, I think that the illegal aliens, Hispanics or other wise, that are here illegally cannot be sent back because of the expense to do so. However, I think the US government should ask the illegal aliens to register themselves. If they do not, then the ones that are not register and are caught in another illegal action, from traffic tickets to whatever, should be deported. Any illegal aliens coming in after a set date should be sent back immediately. There has to come a time when all the people of the US should say, "Stop breaking our laws."

    As for you. I'm glad you and your family became US citizens and I wish you all the luck in the world.

    FYI, What most Americans generally don't understand about Mexicans is their pride in being Mexican. Mexicans wave the Mexican flag like it's the best country in the world. So Americans often wonder, "If they love Mexico so much, why are they here?" They don't seem to embrace America or it's culture. This upsets a lot of Americas. This hurts the pride of most Americans who have the attitude, "America, love it or leave it.". Just thought you'd like to know why some Americans act the way they do.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The majority of illegals that come into the United States are very low income. If they were given legal status it would put a drain on the heathcare system and the welfare system. Hispanics have more children than whites, that is why they will become the majority in California in about10 years or less. The mayor of LA is hispanic beacuse hispanics are the majority there. If we keep allowing them to come in, they will reproduce fast and might get majority in the government and they might allow a lot more hispanics to enter the country. This would have a very bad effect on the economy and would result in a shortage of jobs for low-end workers--making the proverty rate higher (now it is about 17%). I do not think we should allow anyone any race to enter the country (unless they live in Mexico and drive ot the U.S. everyday). I believe we should only allow people to come to the U.S. who have tested to have high IQs, who speak english and who are college educated. This would be a lot better for the economy.

    Source(s): research.
  • 1 decade ago

    You shouldn't have asked this on early morning of January 1, 2007. You will have all the angry grinches on you! But I am also Hispanic, came in the legal way, but also understand those who didn't. I know how hard it is to enter legally, and how desperate those people are to get a better life (these two clash with each other most of the time). I believe there should be amnesty for SELECTED immigrants, not everyone since there are many criminals, drunkards, and scumbags that just don't deserve it. I love my people, my culture, and traditions but I also understand that massive amnesty is just as crazy as mass deportation. Happy New Year to you and everyone.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Monitoring and Securing boarders have been around since the earliest of Civilizations. So why are Hispanics so surprised when the U.S. is finally starting to enforce immigration laws. I feel the more immigrants in this country, the better. However, come over legally through the laws that are in place. Mexicans and other Latin Americans should not be complaining to the US for not letting them in, but they should be complaining to their own governments for not supplying enough jobs with decent wages.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    I appreciate your question and curiosity. I live in Dallas which has a very large Hispanic community.

    A few years ago, I supported the Hispanic community and debated in your favor. However, I see more and more animosity and disrespect for my country and her people from the Mexicans. I live in a Hispanic area of Dallas. I appreciate your desire to work hard and create a better life for yourselves, but it is the United States of America that is providing you the opportunities. Do not drive pick-up trucks with pictures of the little boy from the Calvin and Hobbs cartoon pissing on an American flag. That is uncalled for.

    Mexicans do not like Americans. Let's face it.

    While I supported you in the past, I no longer do.

    The Hispanic community tried to make a statement some months ago with protest marching and unity.

    You are not aware of what is happening today because you have been excluded. Americans are fed up with disrespect for our country, flag, culture and language. We are uniting like never before. When we march in unity, it will not be a ripple in a pond like the Hispanic marches. We will cause a tidal wave of protest to sweep across this nation. We will close down businesses and stop commerce. Politicians will be afraid and they will act. Even liberals are joining. They do not want the demise of America. Upper class, middles class and poor white people are uniting as one. You chose to be our enemy. We did not want it. Americans everywhere are arming themselves. Sales of handguns, rifles, and shotguns are up. We are preparing for very difficult times. This country was born and weened in battle. We are the sons of soldiers. Some of us remember the Alamo. Unfortunately, many people are going to be hurt or killed. Even innocent people, I'm sorry to say.

    Now it is our turn, in our land. We are proud too. We have power, unity, and strength too. We have been silent and inactive for very long, but you have mistaken it for laziness and fear.

    Today, I no longer support the Hispanic communities. I support the people of the United States of America no matter what heritage they are from. Hispanics will see that they have insulted Americans too many times. They will see it in 2007.

    You should have respected our country and flag. The storm is coming.

  • 1 decade ago

    How can you say all of you pay taxes, if that was the case do you think anyone would have a problem? If that were the case where does the word illegal come from? Someone just threw it on? Get real. My good friend is a mexican, but I don't beliee anyone should be exempt from taxes, I don't care how bad your job sucks. No one is guaranteed anything, they should be aware of that. ILLEGAL=NOT LEGAL=NOT TO BE SUPPORTED BY ANY LEGAL SYSTEM OR OUR GOVERNMENT

  • DAR
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    We don't want the state bigger. We made a choice to have fewer children to keep the state smaller.

    And we have to pay for the education of those too poor to pay $10,000 per year per child in local taxes, which is what it costs to educate a child for one year. That money comes from our own children's education funds and this is ruining OUR schools for OUR children.

    There are reasons we have limits on immigration, particularly of poor people. Every country is the same in this.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You should ask the millions of immigrants across the world waiting in line for many years sometime like up to 10 years!!! fellowing the Immigration laws to enter into United States of America legally.

    Source(s): i say all illegal Aliens should be rounded up and deported, it's the only fair thing to do.
  • 1 decade ago

    To be honest, people like Angela R give me reason to believe even people who are born here cannot live here. They want to hold onto their culture so much it is nerve racking. What I'm trying to say is alot of people who were born here are not brought up to think of themselves as Americans. They will try to have a nation within a nation, it will destroy America. Sad. You even say it "your country". And you have been here your whole life.

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