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How do you learn to box?

I want to learn how to box so i know how to throw proper punches and defend my self for protection. I also heard its an amazing workout. Is boxing self teachable? What kind of bag do I buy that does not hang?

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    You should probably look for a local gym that does boxing. Check with them first. If you don't know of any then hit the internet yellow pages and do a search.

  • I don't know how effective self teaching is, There are alot of different punches and combinations to learn, as well as how to bob and weave and how to defend yourself. This is hard to learn just from punching at a bag, I'am new to this and started at a gym about 7 weeks ago. At a gym you'll learn everything ang get a good cardio-vascular workout, i feel much better and looking forward to sparring. I suggest for a bag you maybe try a 50 pound vinyl to start or a floor standing boxing manequin and work your way up from there. Good luck with your venture and much success. This is only from my experience at the gym and what my instructor told me.

    Source(s): My experience and my boxing lessons to date.
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    you want to learn from a good source, i would suggest kenny weldon's boxing series, you can learn to box, itis very fundemental, but shows the proper basic boxing form. it will teach you what you need to know, the only problem is that you have to really watch your form since you wont have a coach that is there to critique it... sooner or later your going to want to find a boxing gym and get a hold of a trainer to work with, but you can absolutely teach yourself how to box.

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    never too overdue to income something. you will desire to learn at ninety years previous. Your nevertheless youthful sufficient to compete in an amature point. And via the time you're on your overdue 20s you will desire to probably replace into expert, looking on your amature progression. Im very almost 24 years previous ive been boxing on the grounds that approximately 18 on and stale and im nevertheless studying and nevertheless having amature fights, desire to bypass professional at some point. Marciano didnt bypass professional till ultimately approximately 24, Hopkins around a similar. decide for it now in the previous its too overdue...

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    Go to a boxing Gym and read books on boxing

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    Find a boxing club or gym that teaches boxing .

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    find a good trainer and some old vedios that's a start.

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