lost our kiss?

when my boyfriend and i got together almost 7 years ago our first kiss was sooooo great it took both our breaths away and stayed that way for 5 years. now we have been through so much and a 1year seperation i was wondering if it will come back.


i am not leaving him we have two kids together!

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    Since you want to stay together(I assume you both do), (don't do it for the sake of the kids, they're better off with happy separate parents than miserable together ones).

    Try to remember what made the two of you fall in love in the first place. Work to rekindle the romance. (maybe a weekend without the kids). If it's just fizzle, the fire should come back, just stoke it a bit.

    Figure out what's making you fight so much(if you fight a bunch), perhaps invest in some counseling(it's not just for crazy people).

    I don't have much more advice than that. And by the way, 5 yrs is awesome for having your breath taken away, maybe your both a bit tired.(lolove)

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    Sure it can be great for the two of you again, but you have to work hard at it. The longer you share your life with someone the more you get to know them and respect them. Be open to this new phase of your relationship. Forget the past and move on to a brighter future. Happy New Year!

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    All relationships go through phases. The euphoria of the newness is over, but other phases are wonderful too.

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    1 year seperation I dont think he will...find someone else who takes your breath away_

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