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What kind of SD Memory card is best for extremely cold weather?

I want to take pictures of events here in Alaska where it gets down to - 40 farenheit, do I need a special memory card or does it even matter at all? Could I just use a regular one or do I need an Extreme Memory Card? What will happen if I use a regular one in extremely cold temperatures?

Thanks. Oh, I just purchased a Canon SD900...

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    The Operating Temperature for the Canon SD900 is 32°F to 104°F or 0°C to 40°C. This means the camera will probably not work below freezing.

    Colder temperatures also reduce the efficiency of batteries. 40°F below 0 may cause damage to the lcd screen. Caution should also be taken when trying to use the camera too quickly after moving it between environments with extreme temperature differences (example: from 40 below outside to 70 above inside). Condensation could form within the camera.

    As for memory cards, Sandisk has a line of higher end SD memory cards (Extreme III) which have a greater operational temperature range (and faster read/write times) than their regular cards. However, - 40°F may be too extreme for most digital point and shoots.

    Source(s): Sandisk homepage http://www.sandisk.com Canon SD900 Specifications Website http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=M...
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    I think you need to worried about your camera. An LCD screen or any screen for that matter does not like cold weather you might be out of luck.

    Almost every SD card is the same. I have not heard of any made for cold or hot weather just faster and more flash memory.

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    Actually you should worry about the kind of batteries you are using in extremely cold weather than the card. If you use lithium batteries, you are ok.

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