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my stomach...?

my stomach hurts rite now. i ate ice cream wit chocolate ontop, and i ate maccoroni and cheese. but i always eat this stuff and my stomach never hurts why does it hurt now.

wait maybe these are cramps i feel im confused rite now. anyways can i take advil so the pain will go away.


now theres a pain in my forehead it hurts really bad.

Update 2:

shitt now i feel like throwing up

Update 3:

this is always happening to me first my head will hurt and then i feel like throwing up. this has been going on for about a week now.

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    hope you feel better em ttyl

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    Okay, just calm down. could be just a stomach ache, it will go away or maybe you need to go take a dump. If they are cramps, midol is the best to take. You could also have a stomach virus, if so, this is just the beginning, you may have to sat on toilet and throw up in the waste basket, on and off for about 24 hrs. Good Luck to ya.

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    if your stomach hurts to where you feel like ur going to throw up then drink warm water and then it will either make you puke and make you feel 10 times better or do nothing

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    You might have a stomach virus like some sort of flu.

    Best of luck!

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    go and have a hot bath or shower and lay down.. just don't eat so much processed foods...

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    maybe you need to take a dump

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