Can dreams be warnings?

Are dreams just made of what's on your mind before you fall asleep, or are they actually hints from your subconscious? I mean, can dreams actually come true?


I don't mean just happy dreams, but any dreams. I keep having the same dream about two people I trust completely betraying me in an unforgivable way, and when I wake up I still feel completely destroyed.

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes.... Dreams can be warnings..... Of these there are two types of warnings which we can become aware of circumstances before they happen.....

    the first type is called "preconitions"...... pre-cognitive dreams are instances where a dream will tell you that something is about to happen. It is knowledge of an event before its occurrence... Such a thing is also called a "premonition".....

    and yes they do happen.......

    The other type is called "prophetic" dreams...... Prophetic dreams are dreams that are "epic" in wisdom and most incredible...... Foretelling events as if by divine inspiration. They are by nature, inspired declarations of what is to come.

    and yes they do happen......

    Prophetic dreams are not given to any one particular individual.... And there is a reason for this...... It is because in the Old Testament, such inspirations were given to what men called "prophets"... these were those who were suppposed to be called by God (Numbers 12:6)...... Of them, they had the power to instruct nations....... and the nations would listen to them and be lead by them.... but then there were some who were not inspired by God, and they would lead the nation away from the message of God for their own pleasure......

    And so it became that God did away with this means among men..... and so when a man told a dream so to influence another by the power of it, that man was supposed to be put to death because of it......

    But, God returned to this means....... In these last days, He will pour out His spirit upon all flesh and the young women and young men will have visions and prophesy from what they have seen in dreams..... but old men will dream dreams.......

    Dream "dreams" are life's stories........ They are given by experience......

    Premonitions are for individuals to understand the occurrences within their lives...... They usually occur within 3 days of the dream... if not on that very day.......

    Prophetic dreams.... are for great masses of people...... and serve as a warning in the capacity that a great many people should be open to hearing that warning.... and they can decide for themselves whether the matter is true.......

    And that can only be discerned by two or more others who have similar occurrences..... God does not put that in one persons hands anymore because of past experiences....... It is written, that by two or more shall a matter be made known and it is between these that the Lord will be found...... (matt 18:16 & verse 20, II Corint 13:1, ))


    May I also add.......

    same dream

    (((Anytime there is a "reocurrence" it means that something is unresolved, of course... as many will tell you..... it is that something you have thought on seems eminent... it doesn't necesarily mean that it's true... it just means that you fear that it is and so you are dwelling on it......))

    about two people I trust completely betraying me in an unforgivable way, and when I wake up I still feel completely destroyed.

    ((the "story" which the dream is trying to display will tell why it is as it is.... but you dont' offer that..... Again, it only means that you fear this is likely...... Perhaps too, you are beginning to look at yourself as inferior in some way...... Tell the dream, and the story can be known......))

    Your sister,


    ((Dream Interpreter))

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    1 decade ago

    I believe that there are several reasons for dreams.

    1. They can come from your subconscious. Very often, your deepest emotions come out in dreams. Fear is one such example.

    2. They can be fragments of recent events and recent things that you were thinking.

    3. They can be references to what is happening to you while you are dreaming. I once dreamed that I was attending a mass service and I apologized to the priest for smelling like bug spray. When I awoke, I discovered the landlord was spraying the hallways with a particular bug spray that had a strong odor.

    Likewise, I've had a handful of dreams about using the toilet. Now if you have one of those, you had better awaken immediately if possible to avoid an accident. In one dream, I was using the toilet and was not gaining relief.

    4. I believe they can be, in rare instances, premonitions. Your subconscience, or even God, could be telling you something. Most of the time, I believe they are the other 3.

  • M S
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    1 decade ago

    Dreams are your subconscious mind speaking out loud. If you are lying to yourself about something, even if you've managed to convince yourself of the lie, the truth will often come out in some metaphor in your dreams. Such truths include things like lusting after someone else when in a relationship or getting caught doing an unethical business act...often realities fear hides from us as lies become revealed.

    Dreams are not the answer or a sure prediction/sign of the future (they can't act as a psychic), but they can give you a more complete and honest view of your life and situations before you make a decision. So, in a way, dreams can be warnings but, moreover, they give you more tools to do accurate decision making.

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    The truth is that nobody knows exactly what dreams are. The realism present in dreams might suggest the subconscious is present,but for the most part dreams seem to consist of events that can't happen in physical reality, which suggests that they are driven more by the imagination than anything else.

    I'll certainly be the first to confirm that dreams can be about as real in our minds as any physical reality, though. I know I have had some amazingly realistic dreams, though my most realistic dreams are also often my most fantastic - don't ask me why.

    I can also say that the concept of "Lucid Dreaming," or the recognition that one is dreaming and is then able to control the events of that dream, is quite real. (As a matter of fact, I've found that lucid dreams are by far the most fun dreams to have!)

    Link to the wikipedia article on dreams is below.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I completely believe that dreams can be warnings.

    There are many dreams in the Bible that are warnings. King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream (Daniel 2:31-35) about a large statue made up of gold, silver, bronze, iron, and clay. Then a rock hit the feet of the statue and the statue crumbled. Daniel's interpretation (Daniel 2:36-45) of the dream was a warning.

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    dreams can come true and everything that you dream about has a special meaning for IE: if you dream about finding money it means small worries but much happiness. go to your local library or book store and pick up a dream dictionary and it will tell you every meaning behind all the dreams that you have. blessed be

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    1 decade ago

    I think sometimes your dreams are interpretations of your subconscious. When you have a dream...try to wake up and write down the gist of the dream. It may help you figure it all out. Good Luck!

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    Dreams are mentioned in the Bible.I believe they are warnings they could be bad or good depends on what they are about .Some of my dreams have come true!!!

    Source(s): Myself
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    well if dream could be a warning, i would be dead by now, but on the other hand i had a dream i was in a dream & in the dream i was having a good sleep, strange as hell, but i did have a great sleep, so its possable

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