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why do peolpe think wiccans are evil?

or are from the deivl?

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    Because the Xians have convinced them that anything not Xian is evil and from the devil.

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    They don't think very clearly. When monotheistic societies take over other societies, the first thing they do is demonize the local deities. Religion is a strong way to hold a population, and monotheistic states can't absorb local gods in the way that polytheistic ones can. This is what happened with Christianity and European nature religions. Ever noticed how similar Satan and Pan look? Not a mistake. There are other wilderness gods in Europe with that horns and hooves motif. They were turned into devils as Christianity spread, as a way of discrediting them and making the local populace become Christian.

    Wicca is a nature religion that uses a lot of symbolism and names from old European pagan religions. Since those symbols are already effectively demonized, thanks to hundreds of years of bad press, modern Christians who don't know much of the details of Wicca, or don't want to, can easily imagine that Wicca is a satanic religion. These sorts of Christians tend to be the kind that aren't too open-minded about other religions, anyway, so it's not such a big leap.

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    People automatically fear what they do not understand. Most people don't know very much about the Wiccan religion, so they presume that all the followers of it are evil. Strange thing about human nature, the unknown somehow usually seems to become evil.

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    because of the ability to take what they see about magic in the movies and think it is real.

    they also fear what they do not understand. I do not practise the craft but have seen if I applied myself to it I could make some things happen.

    I choose not to simply because once you start it has a power that grows with use.

    I do not want the responsibility, I have great respect foe wiccans and these of the druid way of life,

    Nothing is so pure than the power of nature its self. but a great responsibility comes with that power.

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    Because they don't understand it. My personal thought is that the "magic" side of it is just ridiculous. But, the other side, such as (the moral look at things) is great. Also, I don't know everything about it, but I have done a little reading on it in the past.

    And if by "people" you mean "Christians" and "Catholics" and such.

    I think they believe EVERYTHING is the devil........if its not what they believe.......than its the "devil's work"

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    I think it is because there are people WHO do not accept the fact that there is a larger power in the universe and decide to stay closed minded about concepts that they can not explain.

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    1. Because it's not Christian.

    2. Because they aren't willing to become educated on Wicca.

    3. Because people like to use their religion to justify disgusting behavior.

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    Because many people think that every religion except their's is evil and the work of the devil. That makes all of the followers of every religion except their's either evil, devil worshiping, monsters or deceived.

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    Christains have brian washed more than just our children.

    The bible says that witchcraft is evil. One of the many reasons why bibles make good kindling

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    it is a common misconception. i don't get it. i have loads of wiccan friends and they are some of the nicest people i know. they people who call wicca satanic just don't know what it is about.

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