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Do trees still produce oxygen when they have lost all their leaves ?

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    its onli the leaves that produce when there is no leave left...oxygen will not be produced anymore until the leaves grow back

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    Trees, and all green plants for that matter, produce oxygen and water as products of photosynthesis, a process that occurs in chloroplasts that are located in the leaves. Judging from this, I would say that plants won't produce all that much oxygen (if any at all) without leaves because they have nothing to carry out photosynthesis with.

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    Some trees like the retama have chlorophyll in the bark and can produce oxygen by photosynthesis without leaves.

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    I was wondering this same question about a week ago. It was a warm winter day and the smog was very intense, more so than in the middle of summer. It got me thinking if the tree's would be cleaning the air in the winter as it does in the summer.

    Nope. It seems smog in the winter months can be worse than in the summer because of the lack of filters(tree's leaves).

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    no they wont,without leaves trees dont have self filters to scoop up bad oxygen and convert it to a good oxygen

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    No, but all the algea in the ocean produces more O2 than all the trees in Brazil.

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    The ones in the other hemisphere do.

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    They go into hibernation at this time.

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    this is the best ?? I've seen in weeks.I'm serious! i say no.

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