I have applied for associate job in sears n i have an interview i wud like to know what to xpect in interview?

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    Practice your answers before you go on the interview. Talk out loud with a partner or to the mirror.

    There are so many questions they could ask you, but some standard questions are:

    Tell me about yourself.

    What qualifications do you have that are well-suited for this job?

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    What kind of computer skills do you have?

    First impressions count! Dress appropriately, be on time, be very polite, shake hands with firm (not too firm) grip, greet them, smile and look the interviewer in his/her eyes.

    They will probably have you sit and then make a little small talk with you to relax you a little. Be polite, relax and let your great personality show. They want to know if you would make a good fit with the team they already have. Are you a nice person? honest? reliable? hard-working? team player? Also, retail stores are looking for great customer service people. Will you go that extra mile for their customers? Be prepared to give examples from other jobs or life experience where you can show that you work hard, are reliable, etc.

    Good luck. I hope you get the job! :)

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    Honestly, wear something nice, but not too nice. Remember it's an interview for Sears, not Saks 5th Avenue. You are good with details & don't like to make mistakes. You never get upset about anything. If someone asks you a question that you don't know the answer to, you'll find it out for them. If you have a weak point, it's that you have been accused of being too much of a perfectionist. All you want to do right now is have a job & maybe think about career opportunities in the future. You've been in the military & so you are familiar with doing what is required & with discipline & a good work ethic. Your main goal at first would be just to do what your supervisor tells you to do. Good luck.

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    The book Knock 'Em Dead: The Ultimate Job Seeker's Handbook by Martin Yate is a great source of information on job interviews. It gives sample questions and possible answers. It's easy to read and worth the effort.

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    For one, I know they are going to want to see if you are confident enough to sale product to the customers. They will ask you about your experience in retail and what your availability is to work. Relax and stay calm. Good Luck!

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    go to monster.com and look up sample interview questions and practise your answers

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    Just be yourself....

    All should be on you employment application.

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