Virtual pet?

I want to start my own kind of...virtual pet thingy...Sort of like neopets i guess... but with better type "pets" i was hoping to posibly make some money off of it, and i'm no artist. So i was wondering how i could draw pets with the same quality of the others like.. neopets or something. I need either a computer program, or a place where i can get drawing lessons for FREE. thanks!


I'm not getting one, I'm drawing one, making a site for kids, then they pay me to draw them. DUHH!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    Just try your hand at your own art work...and you'll need Adobe illustrator for your computer graphic work. Take a class on that and you should be good to go and you could also think about having someone else help a graphic designer in college that needs somewhere to put their work out on.

    I'm a graphic designer myself...I know you could probably find someone to do it for you, especially when they're out of school. I would have jumped at the chance two years ago.

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    1 decade ago

    If you have to get a virtual pet, you have like no life

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