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Has rabies ever been transmitted through infected food?

Has rabies ever been transmitted through infected food?

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    Not being a Vet, this is speculation, but it would seem logical to assume that if coming into contact with the saliva of a rabid animal can transmit rabies, then perhaps two animals sharing food could transmit the disease to each other. But like I said; this is supposition on my part.

    As to human food.................never that I have heard.

    Try using a search engine like the one above and entering the following: Rabies transmission click search.

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    No, you may not get the HIV virus from saliva. The 4 physique fluids that transmit it are semen, breast milk, vaginal fluid and blood. So, for occasion if the two human beings had sores of their mouths then sure, it somewhat is attainable yet extremely uncommon. there is so little virus in saliva which you would be able to need to drink 3 gallons of an HIV positives persons saliva to be in threat.

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    I have never heard of a case being transmitted this way, but I guess it could be. The only cases I have heard of have been bites.

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