why do people hate new yorkers?

I am from new york and currently live in arizona, i have gotten steriotyped, and misjudged so many times.... why is it that people really dont like people from long island or new york?

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    Well, I'm assuming you have an accent. That can throw people off, someone hears a New York accent and thinks of a crude rude Yankees fan (or something like that.) That is 99% of the time not true. New Yorkers are the kindest people around, Southern Hospitality has nothing on us.

    That said, you will be stereotyped when speaking with any accent. Anyone in New York with a Southern drawl is considered slow and stupid. My friend has a Boston accent and has a hard time convincing people he's an intelligent human being.

    Stereotypes stink and are wrong, but are facts of life. Also remember, just because someone judges you, doesn't mean they "hate" you.

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    Unfortunately, New Yorkers have a reputation for being rude, pushy, and obnoxious. Many people find the accent to be harsh, especially in the South.

    Most New Yorkers are very friendly and not at all rude. I believe the media perpetuates the stereotype on New Yorkers like it does everything else. Peolpe also tend to judge others based on preconceived ideas, which is wrong.

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    I think it has to do with the fact that New York City is crammed down everyone's throat on a daily basis. Here's why:

    All major TV networks are headquartered in NYC and most of their shows originate from here.

    Pretty much the same could be said about radio.

    A high number of Hollywood productions feature New York City as their backdrop.

    More shows/movies have been made about the N.Y.P.D. than about any other police force in the U.S.

    New York Yankees' merchandise is the only one displayed/sold prominently in every baseball market, along with the local favorite.

    Apart for the Oscars, just about every other major awards show is held in N.Y.C.

    A theater play is not considered worthy of mention if it doesn't play on Broadway.

    More Americans know who the mayor/governor of N.Y. is, than who the mayor of Washington D.C. is.

    This year, the New Year's Eve ball drop was shown by ABC, FOX and NBC from Times Square (in the past, FOX used to show something from Las Vegas)

    Any major news from New York City will "steal" the headlines, or the front page, of any major newspaper in America.

    The New York Times is considered to be the utmost authority in the newspaper business.

    N.Y.C. bills itself as the "greatest city in the world", the "financial capital of the world", the "capital of the world", and pretty much, the center of the universe, therefore many outside the 5 boros feel a certain resentment towards it.

  • 6 years ago

    It's the "big city" attitude, but not all of them are like that. My supervisor is from New York (originally) and he's pretty laid back and cool, doesn't have that attitude. I live in Florida and the problem we southerners have is not only the NY city attitude, but the liberal political views that NYCers carry and try to bring down here. If you're a NYer looking to move to Florida, remember one thing, this state is more or less a Republican state with a free-market, we don't have all these social welfare taxes and unions like NY does, that is why it's affordable to live down here, so if you come down here, don't vote for the stupid policies and politicians (liberals) that turned your state into a socialist-communist economic dump. Keep your attitude in check and know that most of us Florida natives are legally armed. Florida, not the sunshine state, but the GUNSHINE state.

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    That's just how it is I think. It's the same in other countries. For example in France, people hate Parisians (people from Paris). Maybe some people from the big cities like Paris and New York have bad attitude because they think their city is the focus of their country. Also in remote areas of Canada, the people there may not like people who live in Toronto. Big cities like Toronto gets all the benefits from the government.

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    I LOVE New Yorkers. I was there in October for the first time in, oh, almost 30 years.

    Everybody -- and I mean freaking EVERYBODY I met was warm, friendly, told me where they came from, what they were up to, and made me feel welcome and part of the family.

    EVERYBODY I spoke with made me think of Alan Kalter's voice-over at the beginning of David Letterman's show, when he says "From New York -- The Greatest City In The World..."

    I thought, time and time again, that it's the greatest city in the world because it has the greatest people in the world living in it.

    But if you want to get me choked up... show me a guy with FDNY on his hat. I can't keep myself from an emotional outburst when I think of hundreds of people running away from a burning building, and guys in FDNY uniforms running into it to get the people who couldn't get out on their own.

    So, dammit, I LOVE New York. Come to Portland, I'll buy you your choice of refreshing beverage (we make great coffee, super beer, and -- as I'm going to remind myself in about an hour and 49 minutes -- the finest champagne in North America, Argyle Extended Tirage.)

    (Actually, I also have a bunch of really good friends in Tucson, AZ, but that's another story. :-)

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    Historically new yorkers have had a sense of being rude, pushy, always in a rush, busy people.

    New Yorkers tend to be very open minded people and tend to be very assertive when it comes to their beliefs, which scare alot of non- new yorkers.

    Many people, even if they never visted our great area get these images from television and from the media. we are precieved as being these things, so people judge u before you introduce yourself. It sucks because new yorkers are probably the most open minded, intricate and interesting people to ever talk to.

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    Not at all, NYkers are great and warm. They all are collected and not reserved. They are good and polite. But, in some cases, they are not good, rude and yea you know that. That's accustomed, dont worry. You just have to show good appearance and make-up, so that they wont misjudge you anymore and anytime.

    If you watch NY Minute starring Mary Kate & Ashley, you could see how courtly they were.

    Source(s): I love NYC and New York Minute
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    3 years ago

    Because they're rude, weird, overly competitive, and obnoxious as hell. Not to mention arrogant... I HATE New Yorkers....

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    Unfortunately many New Yorkers are loud, aggressive, insensitive and obnoxious, so much that all New Yorkers have become stereotyped as such.

    It is up to you to prove that this is not true in your case.

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