i am 32wks pregnant and i am having major lower abdomen pain when ever i move!! what should i do??

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    If the pains are constant, just throbbing pains lasting more than a few hours or something, I'd go to the hospital, but if they're only happening when you move, I'd assume it was some muscle or ligament pain. I'm 32 weeks as well and have had a lot of false alarms myself, I know it's scary, so if you're really concerned about it, just call your OBGYN, that's what they're there for. And you have to consider if you're bleeding or if the pain is accompanied with a lot of nausea and what not. We're kind of in the home stretch here, and it's supposed to be pretty uncomfortable the rest of the time.

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    You should call your OB/GYN, of course the office is closed but there should be an emergency number or way to reach him/her after hours...you should call and describe your pain specifically, they will know whether you should be alarmed or not.

    If he/she tells you it is normal, take a warm bath, drink a lot of water and try finding a way to lay on your side comfortably (pillow between your legs and a little support around the tummy).

    I had lots of pain too with my pregnancies in the last trimester!

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    You should be in rest all the time. That happened to my mother when she had my little sister and the doctor told her that it was a pre-viginal thing. You cant do to much chore sor the baby will be born prematurely.(Before time). Be careful with that, you dont want anything to happen to your baby. Just go to a doctor, and he/she will tell you what are the risks and what you should do. Do that fast or you your baby will pay the consequences!Happy new year! And best wishes for you and your baby. Take care!

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    i had this with my now 1yr old son and thought everything was ok he was born 3 days later.

    and had to go to intensive care etc. so go now cos if it is the early signs of labour there is medication to try and stop the labour.

    but if u leave it to late they cant stop ur labour and as exciting as it would be to have ur bub born its not worth the pain and suffering on both u and bubs

    bub will have to go into special care and fight to get big and healthy as there a some major risk with bub being born now!!!!!!

    and seeing ur bub going through this and theres nothing u can do will break ur heart.

    sorry if i sound rude or scare u but its better to be safe

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    Call your local emergency room and ask to speak with an OB doctor or nurse. Describe your symptoms and see if they want you to come in. They are more than happy to speak with you over the phone and it will be much safer than ignoring it.

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    Ten thousand answers will say go to your Dr. but it is normal to feel uncomfortable in early pregnancy. Remember, there is a growing human inside you now.

    Try a few stretching exercises followed by a warm bath will settle the little one and the "growing" pains will subside for a little while.

    Good luck with the new one.

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    4 years ago

    before everything if this is a miscarriage she has to pass to the docs, so what if she is 17. decrease than a month prego..... you wouldnt additionally be attentive to if shes pregnant yet!!! i think of youve been taken for a journey, i could say its her era! unquestionably you ought to be stupid in the adventure that your gunna sit down right here and ask if shes miscarried whilst shes bleeding heavily. pass to the wellness midsection. and confident im a bi tch yet in basic terms with the aid of fact of persons such as you with dumb questions like this

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    That sounds very uncomfortable & you must be concerned - go to the emergency room & have it checked out.

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    call and make a doctor's appointment

    and when u move try to hold your belly

    and move slowly

    u might be moving too fast

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    GO SEE A DOCTOR,online advice is not the answer for you.

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