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who is better, john cena, batista, or DX?

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    Dx are 2 people and cena and batista is one. So anyways i choose Shawn micheals.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    DX, Cena, Batista

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    Batista, then DX, then Cena

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    Triple H of Dx by far, the only one he does not out class is Shawn Michael's. Granted Cena is well on his way, Batista is great but his age is going to catch up with him.

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  • Luke M
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    1 decade ago

    DX and i just got 2 words 4 john cena

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    It is all John Cena , Batista & DX as they are very good at their individual levels. John Cena has the look & the style ... Batista is the Rhyno out in the ring & the DX are unstoppable in the Tag - team match. Three Cheers for all ........

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    Anybody that would say Cena or Batista over Dx is every a super dee dee dee or dosent know thier wrestling histroy.

    1 reason:Hbk is the first grandslam champion.

    2:Out of all HBK title 11 of Hbk title reigns 4 over them ending by him losing them.(he was either strip of it or was injured.)

    3 Hbk has won and has been in every type of steel cage match.

    4:Hbk is still the Herat break Kid at his age.


    1 He is the second every grandslam champion

    2 He has only lost one hell in a cell and beat kane in the third infrno match.

    3 He has over 23 titles reigns out of all his titles combined.

    4 while in evloution all the members held all the brands male titles at once.makeing them the only stable to do so.

    They list could go on and on but i dont have time

    Plus its two of them.and if you are talking about the old DX Cena and Batisa have no chance

    Source(s): WWE.com www.wikipedia.org and watching HHH and HBk matched since i was 2
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    k the best lol well DX is just too overated and John Cena is a white rapper so i saw THE BIG MAN BATISTA WOULD OWN BOTH OF THEM

    GO BATISTA!!!!!!!!!!

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