Are 97 Ford Escorts risky for flushing the TRANSMISSION?

My transmission has not been flushed for a long time, and my car has 133000 miles on it. I called around to some places, and two separate people told me that parts will swell inside my transmission and may ruin it. They told me just to drive it into the ground. This seems bizzare to me.

Are the right? My transmission gets hot and doesn't want to shift. Another person told me that I probably have a plugged filter and need to flush the system and change the filter.

Which advise should I take?

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    i mechanic for a living,and own a shop,and they probably told you right,,with that amount of miles i think id just change the fluid and filter on it,,flushing it sometimes will swell a few rubber parts up,and in some cases has caused transmission failure,and i have seen people flush them out that had 200 k on them and it not hurt them,it would be up to you on this one,,if it were mine i wouldn't but then if i thought it might help it i might try it,,I'm not going to tell you to go ahead and do it because it may harm it,,what i will tell you if you do this ,be care full of how long you leave this stuff in there,good luck with it,hope this help,s,happy new years.

    Source(s): been a certified mechanic for 36 yrs.
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    This should be on the show Mythbusters. Many people say that when you do a transmission flush on older vehicles that haven't had routine flushes, it dislodges dirt and ruins the transmission. Since you already have problems I would go for the fluid change/flush. You have nothing to lose. Not sure if your car is equipped with a tranny oil cooler but it also won't help if the tranny has already been damaged.

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    1 decade ago

    I agree with what Dodge man have write there.

    I would like to add something, do not flush it at all, but change the filter and the fluid in the transmission shop.

    if the problem persist I may be pointing to the trany input sensor

    is not telling to the trany when to shift. try to fix the problem without making more miles because the heat is being caused by the clutches slipping and producing friction

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    you do not want a flush you would like a filter and fluid change a flush does nothing to clean the filter if you get a flush it would be a waist of money new fluid might help a little but if your trans is slipping or something else the filter is probably getting clogged and a flush will only mask the real problem

    Source(s): any shop not trying to scam the consumer
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  • Nomadd
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    1 decade ago

    That's an old wives tale that comes from people trying to fix failing transmissions by flushing them, and then blaming the flush when they quit. New transmission fluid will definitely be better than the sludge that's in there now.

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    i had a friend who went and had one of them power flushes he owns a 1995 escort. he had 122000 miles on it. he drove it for 2 weeks tranny seals went out. could be it was from the flush as a mechanics teacher said the seals where old and worn out and the flush could have made them swell? we put in a used tranny for 350 bucks that had 50,ooo miles on it we replaced the tranny filter and fresh fluids and he,s back on the road again. he likes that old escort. and his miles where mostly highway miles.

  • 1 decade ago

    Change the fluid and filter and flush out all the old fluid.

  • 4 years ago

    it might desire to be a synchronizer. yet you will possibly desire to comprehend that with an automated you have diverse gears,....a million,2, and rigidity. in case you don't get those regarded at finally you will burn out your engine. I extremely have a ninety 4 Ford Explorer and that's what that is commencing off to do. Your superb wager is to take it to a Transmission professional....a place the place you will get a unfastened estimate. easily they could be in a extra effective place to help your chum out.

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    take it to the tranny shop, let them evaluate the problem and fix it like they say. my chev has 267,000 miles on it and a recent tune up and filter change has it shifting like new

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    change the filter, use some lucus to fill the fluid

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