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Why is it that a lot of TSA people acts like they are gods in dealing with the public.?

i travel a lot and i keep on noticing that a lot of this people are acting like they are in a big, big power trip. some of them don't even look so profesional, they look more like terrorist than anything else, i know we are very conscious about personal freedom in this country but should we also try to tell some of this people to act accordingly. you are gov't employees and you should represent this country well not arrogantly and undisciplined looking physically and acting unnecessarily rude and abusive. and also why do they always shout and talk so much among themselves while working. is this allowed?(or is it another stupid thing to ask?)

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    they used to work for minimum wage and they forgot that

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    Probably there are a few like that, as there are in any bureaucracy. Kings and queens of petty fiefdoms. Generally, I think most of them are just trying to do their job or at least look like they are trying to do it. It must be pretty boring looking through people's hand luggage and personal items. Maybe some of the ones you saw were training other employees. What I thought was hilarious was when I saw them swabbing the shoe of an old lady in a wheel chair (2002).

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    because they have a big shiny badge and you dont and they want to let you know it

    once i wore a big shiny soveit naval commander badge and i was strip-searched and bomb sniffed by a dog for it

    that would indicate that they only act like that because all their badges emit radiation that alters your state of reality

    also in most humans power becomes an addiction

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    People tend to hold onto what little power they have and it makes them feel more powerful to dominate/oppress those people over whom they have power.

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    Typical law enforcement bureaucrats...

    One step above insects...

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