How long does it take [Generally] to recover from a stroke?

My Uncle had an Ischemic Stroke a few months ago affecting his speech and motor. He has movement in his left arm and leg, and minimal movement on his right side. He speaks few words. He has no facial paralysis, and seems to understand everything going on around him. He is under intense daily physical and speech therapy. How long will it take before he can function better?

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    The person you should ask is his doctor. Depending on the damage to the brain including location, there is generally no specific time.

    Sounds like the stroke was at the back of the head, about the middle where motor and speech areas of the brain are located. Given time a brain and learn to use other pathways but will not heal the areas of the stroke.

    Healing is slow and could be months if not years. But the best advise is to recognize any little improvement and celebrate with your uncle. Ask his physical and speech therapists for ways you can help your uncle's recovery. They are the experts and how to progress.

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    Some people don't recover, because the stroke was either not caught in time or is so big that it cannot be fixed. It really depends on the severity of the stroke and where in the brain it is.

    Talk to your doctor.

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    The first 6 months are the worst time. Everybody wants to see improvements right away, and it does not happen. Progress is slow, and then they can go for weeks with no change. There are a lot of things the family can do to make healing happen faster. Help them fight depression by getting friends to visit or call often. Keep them on a normal routine or a schedule. Help them set a goal and keep reminding them of what they can do. Don't give them surprises and tell them what is going to happen ahead of time. Get them to read or read to them. Let them talk about events in their life and ask questions as they tell their story. Take them to the grocery store and let them push the cart. Tell them they are looking healthier and doing better. Always say positive things and brag on them when they accomplish something. Keep taking them to physical therapy or speech therapy and get them to do exercises at home.

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    It usually takes several months to heal from a stroke.But some people do not regain all of there abilities that they had before the stroke.A loving family is the greatest medicine. The mind is not always damaged by a stroke.

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    It varies because it depends on how severe the brain damage was, how soon after the stroke he got treated and how well he responds to all of the therapy.

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    You gotta wait and no one can say.

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