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In traditional Samoan heritage it is a must for the people doing the feaus (chores).....? wear an ie lavalava (wrap), if they don't it is seen as being disrespectful, are their other heritages like this? How do you feel about this tradition?

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    i dont think so when im at my uso's (which means friend in samoan) house i dont see him wearing a lavalava when he is doing feaus. but i love the e'as he gave me i run that shiet when its hot especially at the beach. faafetai lava see i know some samoan lmbao!

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  • 5 years ago

    If your doing feau s in your own house with just your parents and siblings then no it is not, but if you go to a gathering with the whole family, it is traditional to wear a i e lavalava while doing your feau s

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