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Getting treatment for iatrophobia and other problems?

Hi. I have borderline personality disorder with obsessive-compulsive and histrionic features, and also suffer from iatrophobia (fear of doctors/going to the doctors) and pyrophobia (fear of fire). I need therapy, I know, but I can't go because I have panic attacks. I have been extremely stressed lately, because I owe over $2000 to people, including owing $600 for getting three teeth pulled, something I put off for 5 months b/c of my fear of going to get it done, but finally was unable to function because of the pain and was convinced to go by a friend. That took a LOT out of me, and now I have to pay the other $600 for the operation, but I only have $200 to my name, no job, and no place to live after the 5th...and lately I have been having a lot of suicidal thoughts and have been on the verge of self-injury (I would si, but it's forbidden by my Master, and that helps me to keep from doing it).

But one thing at a time. How do I get treatment for my problems without triggering my fear?

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    Maybe the friend who convinced you to see the dentist (or any other friend) might be willing to go with you to see a doctor. Check with your local government, churches whatever, to see what's available to help you pay for medical services and anything else that you need.

    I also have OCD and anxiety/panic disorder, so I know where you're coming from. Doctors don't scare me so bad, but sometimes my panic attacks are triggered by flourescent lights, and I've never been to any kind of doctor who didn't have those. My husband comes with me to any appointment I have to go to and talks to me and distracts me and helps me to breathe, and if he can't make it I try to have someone else that i feel comfortable with come along.

    I really have been where you are, thousands of dollars in debt and all, but just keep trying your best, because that's all you can do. Try to create a supportive network to surround yourself with. Best of luck.

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