i need computer help?

can any one tell me how to fix my laptop. when i start it up it dosent start up well it dose but it cant log on. it goes to the windows loading screen and then shuts off. and i tried to do the master reset to it with it CD's and it dosent work.... soooo can you please HELP.... you can E-Mail me at bashar_makhlouf@yahoo.com PLEASE HELP Thank You

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Try booting in safe mode. This is done by pressing one of teh "F#" keys. I do not remember which one but generally it will say at the windows logo start up screen, if I had to guess its f8. Then system restore it back to the last time it was right. If your disks are not booting up when you put them into the system, perhaps your bios are messed up and boot your hard drive rather than your cd drive first.

  • wishon
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    4 years ago

    On a Mac, shift/administration/3 takes a image of the reveal. in case you press shift/administration/4, you may click and drag over the section you want; the image is taken once you launch the mouse button.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Format Bashar and do clean installation.

    Good luck

    Adnan Sallam

    Napa, California


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