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Ok whats goin on?

I haven't really been in with this and I know this is like old news but what happened between lindsey lohan and hilary duff. I was listening to the radio and they were saying that lindsey lohans little brother really liked hilarys boyfriends (joel please tell me thats his name right?) band. So hilary took him to one of his concert and when he was gonna get an autograph joel (i think) was like. first you have to get your sister to apologize to hilary. And he started to cry. I was like ok? what happened? how did they get into this mess? Thanks for answering hopes this makes sense! lol! Happy New years! ♥

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    Hilary and lindsay hate each other, because they were both at the same date, at the same time with aaron carter, and they found out.

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    Who really cares...

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