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maybe the bible was a book of fiction never ment to be taken so seriously, but to be mearly a form of entertainment? This is not meant to bash those of you who do believe but just to ask for a point of view.

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    Fair question and thanks for the non-bash. Parts are mythology - if that is fiction w/ a purpose. The Gilgamesh Epic from Ur where Abraham grew up predates much of the Creation account. Lot's incestous creation of Israel's archfoes is excellent political propaganda. I doubt Lev., Num., Dt. 1 & 2 Chr. would be fiction as they are so deadly boring today. Proverbs is a catagory called wisdom literature - somewhat like asking if a morality play is drama or comedy. Psalms are songs - are they fiction or poetry, tough call. The prophecies are strong anti-establishment messages - again, hard to recognize as fictional material given their historical placement.

    More if you desire, but thanks for an intelligent question.

  • Actually, if you did some research you might be amazed at what the Bible has actually been through.

    First, it took approx. 3,500 years to complete.

    It had much opposition even before it was completed.

    It contains prophecies ........scores of prophecies that have been verified with secular history.

    It explains why there is so much wickedness and suffering and explains why God has tolerated this for so long.

    It contains prophecies that will be fulfilled over a 1,000 in the future.

    It explains how humans can be reconciled with God.

    It does not teach that a loving God, would torture disobedient humans forever, even though they only lived for 70-80 years.

    It explains that the future that Adam and Eve lost because of disobedience can be realized by millions.

    It explains who goes to heaven and why.

    It also shows that the human family has only been around for about 6,000 years and that we are still at the very beginning and still in the 7th creative day when you look at the big picture.

    Every book has a Theme and the Theme of the Holy Bible is the Vindication Of Almighty God's Universal Sovereignty by means of his Kingdom.

    Didn't you learn this prayer when growing up?

    "Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth." -Matthew 6:9-10

    This first part highlights the importance of God's Name and His Kingdom.

    The Bible is much, much more than a form of entertainment.

    When you buy a new car you get an owners manual.

    God gave us a manual that highlights his divine wisdom, however, you have to dig to find the truth.

    Also, the disobedience and lawlessness of the churches of Christendom does not mean the Bible is not true.

    It means that they are the "Weeds" of Jesus illustration at

    Matthew 13:24-30 of which Jesus explains to his disciples at

    Matthew 13:36-43

    I could go on, but I think you get the point!

    Thanks for the question!

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    I view the bible like I view the easter bunny... I knew that the easter bunny existed then at some point I realized that it might be possible that the easter bunny didnt exist. Then I jump to the conclusion that the easter bunny does not exist. Now im back into the camp that the easter bunny could exist but to what degree do I believe that is the question. My perspective started out small got bigger then shrunk then got bigger again. Its safe to say I might someday go back to believing in the easter bunny or not believing in it totaly given enoth time and DRUGs. But I hope that doesnt happen...

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    Yes, before I read it.

    I once thought the Bible was written by men to control other men.

    After studying it more intently, I changed my mind.

    I have no problem, with people who do not believe the Bible is God inspired, unless they sound off without having actually read it.

    Many people who hate the Bible, would have to admit, they never read it, yet they have such strong opinions, it makes you wonder if they also have never really pondered whatever it is they do believe.

    It is irresponsible to believe anything without actually studying and considering all the facts about a given topic.

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    not entertainment,no.i do think, however, that it is different peoples versions of something that did happen and should be thought of that way.as a version. we all see things a different way, in a different light sort of. 5 people could be in the same room in the same situation and still come out with different takes on what took place.you see what i mean?i am a believer in god. i believe god gave us our minds and the ability to use them. i believe the bible can be subjective so it is up to us to use our minds and figure it out for ourselves.i don't think anyone can live exactly by what the bible says,(even priests confess) i think you have to use it as a guide. as a way of reinforcing what we already know to be right or true. thanks for not bashing.and if you care to share your point of view with me someday, i'll be happy to hear it.

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    It is very possible that the bible was simply a practical joke. Think about it, they're was no way for the government to monitor what was being written back then. Someone or a group of someones could have decided to make up a god and a history to go along with it, and then hide their writings for future generations to find.

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    The bible is what it is. For a very long time I am at best an agnostic. Actually, I'm probably more of an atheist. Atheism holds no sorrow for me. I am quite content to have been just a tiny spark in an endless universe. For me....it's enough.

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    Yes,I have thought of it before but I realise that the Bible is not a collection of stories,myths, or fables, it's written by different people over 1000 years and eventhough they do not know each other,they wrote the same events,which is the prove.

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    The Bible is living Word. Hardly fiction.

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    i believe the bible is the word of god, but i don't think it is meant to be taken literally.

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