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? asked in Society & CultureLanguages · 1 decade ago

plz translate tis song 4 me in english....thanks?

Wo Ai Ni lyrics

by S.H.E.

Cong ni yan jing kan zhe zi ji, zui xin fu de dao ying

wo zai shou xin de mo qi, shi ming tian de zhi ying

wu lun shi yuan jing shen me shi ji

zai tian tang yong bao huo shu ye liu li

wo ai ni, wo gan qu

wei zhi de ren he ming yun

wo ai ni, wo yuan yi

zhun ni lai ba hu de jue ding (jue ding jue ding ....)

shi jie bian jing

ou er wo zhen de bu dong ni

you you shui zhen dong zi ji

wang wang liang ge ren duo qin mi

shi tou guo shang hai lai zheng ming

xiang jiao lu bu an wo jiu ren xing

ba shi lou ni pa suo yi ni sheng qi

wo ai ni, rang wo ting

ni de pi bei he kong ju

wo ai ni, wo xiang qin

ni jue qiang dao ji xian de xin.....

wo zhang qi suo you ai wei cheng feng yu de jin di

dang kuang fei hao yu, xiang rang ni chuan kou qi

bei ge po de xing xin xu yao shi jian quan yi

meng xiang chan zhe huai yi, wei lai kan bu qing

jiu jing jing de yong bao qu chuan di

neng liang he yong qi

wo ai ni.....

wo ai ni, wo xiang qu

wei zhi de, ren he ming yun

wo ai ni, rang wo ting

ni de pi bei he kong ju

wo ai ni, wo xiang qin

ni jue qiang dao ji xian de xin

na li dou yi qi qu

yi qi yang wang xing xing

yi qi zou chu sen lin

yi qi ping chang hui yi

yi qi wu hui du ji

yi qi yu guo tian qing

yi qi geng dong zi ji

yi qi zao dao yi yi

wo ai ni, wo bu yao mei you ni

wo bu neng mei you ni, que bu neng mei you ni

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    It's Chinese - pinyin.

    It's "I love you" by S.H.E.


    I guess not.

    Ok, I am white/American, so this translation will be very "rough". I have managed to translate what I can, but I believe S.H.E. is from Taiwan, so some of the Chinese doesn't make sense to me. Hope this helps:

    seeing myself from your eyes’ reflection

    most happy reflection

    holding privity in hand, that will be tomorrow’ guideline

    whatever the century is

    hugging in paradise

    or wandering in wilderness

    I dare to go there because I love u

    any unpredictable destiny

    I am willing to because I love u

    agree to your arbitrary decision

    on the board of the Earth

    I really do not understand u sometimes

    but who really knows itself

    how much two people are intimate

    that will be proved by hurts

    I will be indulgent when I am restless

    afraid of leaking u

    so you are angry

    I love u , let me hear

    your tiredness and fear

    I love u and I want to kiss u

    your obstinate heart to the fullest extent

    I set up all my love

    circle it to be the forbidden area of wind and rain

    block wind and rain

    make u have time to breathe

    the confidence which is cut

    needs time to be cured

    dreams are wrapping doubts

    can not see the future clearly

    just hug tightly

    deliver energy and guts

    I love u...

    I love u and I am willing to go

    any unpredictable destiny

    I love u , let me hear

    your tiredness and fear

    I love u and I want to kiss u

    your obstinate heart to the fullest extent

    we will be together where we go

    look up the stars together

    walk out of the forest together

    savor the memory together

    misunderstand and envy together

    clear the air together

    understand oneself together

    find the meaning together

    I love u, I do not want to live without u

    I can not live without u, definitely I can not live without u

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    5 years ago

    Our first suggestion is Celebration by Cool and The Gang. Can I have this dance by Ann MUrry. Cherish by the Association. The Wedding Song by Paul Stukey. If you like Country try For Ever and Ever Amen by Randy Travis. Breathe by Faith Hill. This Kiss by Faith Hill. In order to help you answer your question, try theese suggestions. Write down which radio station/s you like to listen to. Also, look through your personal music collection and see what your faviorate dance songs are.

  • 1 decade ago

    What language is it? Go to google and click Language Tools. Copy your song lyrics into the box and let it translate away.

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