I'mgetting a new video card with DVI outputs, but my monitor only has RGB...?

So, do I just get a DVI to RGB (15 pin I think) connector? It is an Envision 17 inch flat screen lcd (I know, why make an LCD flatscreen without DVI ins? Doesn't make sense...). What I would like to know is can I simply purchase a DVI to RGB cable and be done with it, or is it harder than that for some odd reason...


By the way, I bought it off of Ebay, and I think I am getting the card, just by itself, so I assume Ill have to go buy an adapter...

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    You'll have to find out if the DVI output on the video card includes "analog video". Usually, DVI that includes Analog is called "DVI-I" or "DVI-A". If it is "DVI-D" then it is digital only, and you will not be able to use a simple cable. In that case, you will need a Scan Converter to convert it from digital to RGB.

    Also, if you have "DVI-I" you should still be able to plug a "DVI-A" into it with no problem. The "-I" version has both digital and analog, but since RGB is analog only, you won't be using the digital anyways.

    Below are some links that may prove helpful.

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    Video cards with only DVI outputs always come with the adapter for VGA monitors.

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    i think you are confusing RGB with VGA. yeah, the card should have an adapter.

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