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What were some majior things that have happened in 2006?

im making a little booklet so i can look back on it 30 years from now and show it to my kids!

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    Saddam was executed.

    Train bomb blast in Mumbai(India) killed thousands.

    Tom Cruise got married.

    His child Suri was born.

    Daniel Craig became the latest Bond!




    hmm.. I am tired dude!!

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    - January 15 - NASA's Stardust mission successfully ends, the first to return dust from a comet.

    - February 11 - U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shoots his friend and lawyer, Harry Whittington, in the face with a shotgun on a south Texas ranch.

    - March 25 - An estimated 500,000 people take to the streets in downtown Los Angeles to protest a proposed federal crackdown on illegal immigration.

    - April 8 - Shedden massacre: The bodies of 8 murdered men are found in Shedden, Elgin County, Ontario.

    - May 1 - The Great American Boycott takes place across the United States as marchers protest for immigration rights.

    - June 29 - Hamdan v. Rumsfeld: The United States Supreme Court rules that the military commissions to be used to try some detainees in the Guantanamo Bay detainment camp are illegal.

    - July 4 - STS-121: Space Shuttle Discovery is launched to the International Space Station. It returns safely on July 17.

    - August 10 - London Metropolitan Police make 21 arrests in connection to an apparent terrorist plot that involved aircraft traveling from the United Kingdom to the United States. New TSA regulations are put into effect, permanently banning all liquids and gels, including but not limited to deodorants, colognes, toothpaste, and gel implants, in both checked and carryon baggage.

    - September 25 - The Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans re-opens 13 months after Hurricane Katrina with extensive repairs, including the largest re-roofing project in the United States.

    - October 2 - The Amish school shooting takes place, when Charles Carl Roberts IV, a 32-yr-old milk-truck driver, kills 5 female students at an Amish schoolhouse in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania before shooting himself. Several others are wounded.

    - November 5 - Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and 2 of his senior allies are sentenced to death by hanging after an Iraqi court finds them guilty of crimes against humanity.

    - December 26 - The U. S. death toll in Iraq reaches 2,974, thereby surpassing the death toll in the 9/11 attacks.

    Source(s): One event for every month.
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    Saddam's execution

    Death of Gerald Ford

    Democrats reign in congress

    Death of Syd Barrett

    Dick Cheney shot his friend

    North Korea tested nukes

    Slobodon Milosevic died in prison

    Chile elected their first female president, Michelle Bachelet

    May 1 became the great american boycott over illegal immigration (500,000 people protested in the streets of LA)

    Italy wins the World Cup after French player Zidane headbutts (best story of the year!)

    Israel attacks Hezbollah

    Castro reliquishes power to his brother Raul due to extensive stomach surgery

    "The Scream" and "The Madonna" are found, but have major damages to them

    Pluto loses its planetary status

    Rep. Foley gets caught sending lewd messages to an underage boy

    NJ passes gay unions

    Rumsfield resigns

    Steve Irwin dies

    james Brown dies

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    War in Iraq

    President Gerald Ford passing away

    Saddam being executed

    TomKat & baby

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

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    Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Death of Saddam, and Pink Floyd broke up.

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    the Democrats took control of congress.

    Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon all had children.

    Texas beat USC in the Rose Bowl

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    The pope telling catholics that purgatory doesn't exist.

    The previous pope begging his servants to "tell the people the truth about hell."(that it doesn't exist as they have taught for centuries. That it was only used as a fearmongering tool to get people into the church and giving their cash. That it really only is "The common grave of mankind" and you do not burn there forever.)

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    Saddam hanged

    Ken Lay dies

    GOP loses control of Congress

    Pluto downgraded to "dwarf planet"

    TomKat mania

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    will starting with Dec, there's the death of Formal President Ford, The hanging of Saddam Hussin, the death of James Brown, the death of Luther Vandross, Lil Kim got out of jail, that's all i can think of..

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    Steve Irwin's death

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