Question about clomid?

I am going to start taking clomid today. When is it most likely to ovulate. I have one ovulation test left but I can't buy anymore until Wednesday. Should I take the ovulation test Monday or Tuesday?


I am taking clomid for cycles 5-9.

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    wait 2 or 3 days after your period also count 10 to 14 from your first day of period.

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    You should ovulate 7-10 days after your last clomid pill. My cycles are long so I tend to ovulate 10 days after. Do not start the OPK until about 2-3 days after your last clomid pill. You will get a false positive while on clomid you need a few days out of the system before testing. The OPK will tell you when to start testing by the length of your cycle.

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    If you have a fairly normal cycle (27-29 days), you should start testing on day 9 or day 10. The kit has instructions on when to start testing based on your cycle. You take Clomid on days 3-7 so you probably don't need to start testing yet. You will most likely get a positive result now anyway. I received a false positve on day 9, but a real positive on day 14. I didn't take clomid to ovulate though so if that's what you are taking it for, you might want to call your doctor. I took clomid to get my progestrone level up. Good luck.

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