My new laptop bought on 2006 / oct. plays VCD with a clear picture but has no audio . please help?

I. also cannot copy audio digital CD from the multimedia to the hard disc.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    were u able to install the operating software urself or its already in the package- which normally is the case. maybe the audio driver is not properly installed or is corrupt.or maybe that specific cd has in fact in mute when it is produced.try other cds.cause, if youre talking about a new laptop, you should be enjoying its warranty benefits upto this moments.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    several causes for no sound. is the volume control wheel where fitted turned up?

    is your soundcards audio turned up and not muted either on the WAV (for video discs) or CD for standard CD audio?

    in the media player there is a volume control independant of your main audio control panel. so is this correctly configured and not muted and turned up?

    there could be a driver problem preventing you copying the CDs or may be theyta re copy protected and so can not be copied.

    these are simple to fix justclick where needed to unmute the audio and adjust the sliders to turn the audio up.

    also make sure that you have the audio output set correctly. either the internal speakers or external speakers. you need the windows control panel and sound and audio devices to adjust audio devices and speaker configuration.

    good luck.

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