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I have one question for the greedy cable companies--why are there commercials on cable tv, which I PAY FOR?

I remember when it was an accepted truth that, since you pay for cable, you don't have any commercials. Now, not only are there commercials, but these commercials are getting longer and longer. So 1/2 the time you watch tv. if for you, while the other half is for the advertisers (on electricity that I pay for, mind you). I am pissed off at how sneaky this maneuver was. It was so gradual that no one seems to notice or even care anymore!!! So, now it is widely accepted that, not only do you pay for cable (and have to pay extra for boxing matches, HBO, etc.) but you also have to watch unwanted commercials that should never have been there to begin with.

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    The reason is because you tolerate it. Now in addition to all the commercials we have to see more advertisement displayed on the bottom half of the screen while our program is in progress. I turn these shows off. I will not watch a channel that uses these tactics. I cancelled my cable about a year and a half ago and in about six months I intend on cancelling my satellite. I'm going with an antenna for locals (thank God I'm near NYC) and Ill do DVDs from Redbox and I'll pick the rest up off the net.

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    You know cable t.v. is a rip off, especially if it's Comcast. I'm switching to cable from the phone company around the middle of January. They will always show commercials!

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    Approximately a third of TV programs are interrupted by commercials, why so much?

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    I pay $99 for 70 channels, phone , interent

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    Well, my dear, the cable companies are not going to find your question here. If you have a concern, contact each company directly and vent to them.

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    They can put what what they want on it, if you dont like it switch companies.

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    start your own cable company.....

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