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where do i get an owl in delhi?

i want a white , small owl. where can i get it in delhi?

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    I'm not sure, if it is legal to own one there or not, or what the local customs are, but I would go to the local market, and ask around. There are a lot of people in India that speak excellent English, have them look in the paper, etc.. Birdman

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    First, of all, I'd say, just look in newspaper (?), or something like that, for petstores or whatever they have. Then, if they don't have any, they might know who does.

    Secondly, however, I must say that it's not the best idea to own owls. Despite what you saw on Harry Potter (if you like HP), owls are not very good pets. They are wild, and not to be cruel, not being truthful, not that smart. They are extremely hard to tame, and need 24/7 care, not to mention bunches and bunches of space! So, please, I won't totally put you down, but please please please think about this before you get an owl.

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