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Question about the APOCALYPSE!! 2007!!!!?

So, because there are actually two different years in the world right now in existence: 2006 and 2007 (since, for instance, people in California are still stuck in 2006; the time there is like 9:45 PM or something), if a meteor hit the planet or something like that and the apocalypse occurs and the world is destroyed (all taking place in say, ten minutes), would history record the doom of earth to have occurred in 2006 or in 2007?

Lolz. :)


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    Happy New Year! I really like you're question.

    I think I probably must have thought of that too, at some point.

    But now there is this, who is going to do the recording of that history?

    It would have to be people on another planet who had first hand knowledge of the event, right?

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    I think this but it matters how much of the world is in 2006 and 2007 if most of the contrys and states were in 2007 it would be in 2007 and if most of the countrys and states were in 2006 it would be in 2006.

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    They'd probably compromise, and say the world ended in 2006 and a 1/2.

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    Sorry to say, but i am sick of this christian rapture and apocalypse ideology. gosh.. What have your pastor have been teaching you ? Only G-d almighty knows about the final hour. Sorry to say, but your calculation is inaccurate because you are using solar calendar, not sabbatical year or lunar calendar like the jews and the muslims does.

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    If the world was destroyed, who would record anything?

    And here I thought I had a lot of wasted time on my hands.

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    the apocalypse will only happen when god wills it . it can be anytime . for more info go to .

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    now u ruined my day!!!!!

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