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I like my friend alot does she like me back?

Ok so we hang out alot because she just moved in with her mom about 3 months ago.she used to live in a different state but i would see her each summer for the last 3-4 years.k i told her i liked her and she said she needs a friend now(her ex broke up with her 5-6 months ago he didn't love her any more they went out for 2yr)so like a week later its her b-day and we had some drink and got buzzed and made out.and after a half hour she gets up and say sry and gos to its now a month cents than and we still hang out alot and she hits me all the time and not hard and we play fight and when i have her pined she bites me(she likes to bite)so does she like me?she just need time to get over her ex right?she talks about him now and again but only for a moment but she got upset when she found out he had a new what should i do? but if i have to i will be just friends.thaxz for the help!!

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    I say go for it. She's giving you hints.

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    If it's been 5 to 6 months since she broke up with her boyfriend she is probably over him (I get over guys by at least a month) and if she made out with you, she's definitely over him!.....well unless it's not the first time. If she flirts with you that means that she's probably attracted to you! I think you should just tell her how you feel and if you really think she likes you keep asking her out until she says yes! Maybe she does like you and she wants to go out with you but she's afraid to say yes because if you guys ever break up she's afraid that it might ruin your friendship. Good Luck!

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    sounds to me like she's still in love with her ex. you said she got upset (aka jealous) when she found out her ex had a new girl, and women get jealous if they really care about someone. and the part were she made out with you when you guys were buzzed on beer was probably because she was temporaily trying to get a fix for her pain.she still cares for her ex. but she likes you in a friendly way, and sometimes feelings grow. well, good luck, i wish you the best.

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    Sounds like she just wants something playful without all the "love" stuff. Her play fighting with you and biting you is an indicator that she is sexually flirting with you- but maybe she sees you to much as just an old friend.

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    she needs a little time 2 chill out and get over her ex.maybe wait til valentines day then do something really sweet 2 ask her out like send her chocolates or flowers.

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    ok ummm....just help her get over her x and show her what a cool,nice,and funny dude u r and try 2 lower the level of friend ship and show her ur "boyfriend material"

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    give her time to cool down. she is still in the state of trauma. just do what you do so that you can help her cool down. but not now. find a right time.

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    be friend for now and in a couple of weeks ask her out. good luck and have a happy new year.

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