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For women against life long committed relationship: What is your goal when dating? Why date at all?

Most U.S. women, especially with careers, say their either against or not looking forward to a life long committed, relationship/marriage. (when I say marriage, I'm not talking about a piece of meaningless paper. I'm talking about two people who want each other forever because they feel it.)

Many only want to date, or stick with one guy for a few weeks or months, possibly a year or two, then move on. So I was wondering, what is the plan when you date? What do you get out of it? Why date at all? Wouldn't it be better to just have friends to hang out with? (And I know some women do live without dating, but they still usually have one or two "relationship-like" encounters at some point which means they still date, just very rarely).

I ask cause when I was single my goal was to find the right person to have a meaningful relationship with. Nothing is more meaningful to me than a woman I can grow old with. I can't get to really know & bond with someone else in a quick relationship.


niceperso... - I see it written on the front page of websites like Yahoo, and in popular magazines, written by accomplished people all the time.

Update 2:

sandwich - Not trying to be mean, but I guess it's because of bitterness as you demostrated.

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    It's fun to make men squirm, and dating brings about very good opportunities to do so. That's the only good reason in my view. Otherwise, I can't be bothered with men. Yes, I am very focused on my career, and I prefer it that way. Neither love nor marriage does anything for me. (I'm Canadian, by the way.)

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    Companionship and whatever might go along with it. It totally depends on your state of mind, and what you are looking for. If both are looking for the same thing and have the same goals, that's when you can start to think about commitment together..

    Haven't you heard?

    "Marriage is a commitment"

    "Marriage is an institution"

    They only put crazy people in institutions... hahah. They commit them, right? Is that what you really want.... a straightjacket

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    EDIT...I just reread where you said menaingless paper, so I digress. but for others/and most want paper.

    Good question.

    But both sexes forget that when they get a State marriage it is a contract with this government.

    Since when has this government done anything right, moral, ethical or Godly?

    When you get divorced you have to go to the same government to get resolved.

    This didn't happen 60 years ago. So why are you so adamant on it now.

    My opinion is to be FREE and LOVE you mate. Get married in the eyes of God and let this criminal government be on its own, if enough of us do this it will happen.

    Just think about this criminal governments use of people here to kill others in Iraq for lies.....

    enough said????

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    I dont know why some people are like that and its no only women who are like are like that too. When I date I look for a partner and if we connect then maybe a life partner...someone to sit on the porch and grow old with me_

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    I have never heard that US women are not loooking for a committed relationship, on the contrary. Where did you hear that?

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    Sex? A social life? A chance to fall in love?

    I see you were looking for love, or You probably mean you were looking for someone to do your laundry and be told off if your socks aren't ready quickly.

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    that's what I want to, but I settle for dating because it gives me a chance to meet other people

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