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How do you say "Andy and Leah Foever" in scottish?

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    i dont have exactly what you want but here are a few phrases in Gaelic you may like

    PHRASE:Gra Go Deo

    PRONOUNCED:graw guh djoe

    MEANING:Love forever

    PHRASE: bean mo chroi

    PRONOUNCED:bann muh kree

    MEANING:Woman of my heart

    PHRASE: Ta tu go halainn

    PRONOUNCED:taw two guh haul-inn

    MEANING:You are beautiful

    PHRASE:Tá grá agam duit!

    PRONOUNCED:taw graw agg/um dwit

    MEANING:I love you!

    Source(s): have fun with it
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    k, is this a joke, cuz i im pretty sure that scottish is english.

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