Computer being loud?

My computer is being loud and getting hot it seems. I've had it for about 2 years, I've tried to clean it but I just don't know how and I can't take things apart on it. It seems to be loud mainly when I play World of Warcraft or EQ2

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    1 decade ago
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    you most likely have a fan that is on its way out.. just take you case off and see if you can tell where the noise is coming from and if its a fan or your hard drive then replace it ASAP

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    Its not to hard to clean. What do you mean cannot take things apart. On most PCs all you need to do is remove the case cover then you have access to the Case fans , Video card and heat sink/Fan covering the heat sink and CPU. Those are the things you need to clean the most. I hear you can use compressed gas witch I got used to doing but I dislike that overall. I prefer to use qtips. Lay your PC out on the carpet or table and remove dust with a qtip very genitally , then remove the dust from qtip into a bucket or even onto the floor. Repeat this process until all the fans , video card and heat sink seem clean. Once a qtip becomes messy or starts to shed fibers get a new qtip.

    I do this every 6 months. Takes about 20-50 qtips.

    Also the room temperature and area around your PC should be kept under control. Make sure there is enough room around your PC for it to breath and do not play on the hottest days if you can. Turn down the graphics and settings of your games during the hot weather and it can lower the stress on your PC.

    Try to clean your room , monitor and desk because your room might be dusty this could get inside your PC. And when you clean your PC try to clean it in an other room so none of the dust you cleared out gets back into the PC. Hope some of this helped its important to take care of your PC.


    Cleaning a PC will let more air inside and let the air flow. Make things more stable dust can make fans vibrate , when your PC is cooler the Video card and other fans will stress less and give off less sound.

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    Inside the computer there are fans that keep your computer motherboard cool and also cool the power supply. Secondly the Hard Drive when beginning to wear gets very loud. So if the fans are bad you will literally burn out your entire system and if the Hard Drive is going out it's best that you back up your system or you might as well kiss the whole show goodbye. Those are the only two items that would make a lot of noise inside your computer. At this point you should only keep your computer powered on while you are using it and then turn it off.

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    Find out whats making the noise. Most probably the the parts which move make noise. See if the heat sink on the processor is fixed well the fan over it is also fixed. Check for lose screws on cabinet, motherboard. Check out the fan of SMPS. If any thing is broken or loose fix it with Adhesive.

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    1 decade ago

    Step One: Clean out all the dust inside your comp with canned air

    if problem persists...

    Step Two: Determine Source of Noise

    if it is a fan not related to power supply...

    Step Three: Replace or oil component (only oil if you know what you're doing...if you don't know how, then its safer to just replace the part.)

    if its power supply related...get a new power supply, there is no alternative.

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    depending on what os you have check your harddrive

    you say its 2 years old you may need to upgrade you ram and cpu fan

    your fans or your hard drive are the noise makers

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    Find out what's making the sound by listening very closely to the chassis.

    Touch things to see if they vibrate.

    That's all the advice I can give without charging you, sorry.

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