Under Developed Child: The baby is not paying attention to external stimulus!!!?


I have a son. His name if Fadil. He is 21 months young.

He main problem is: Fadil doesn't respond to any visuals. He can listen to the sound but doesn't know how to interpret them.

We checked with eye specialist and he said anatomically everything is fine.

Now we are seeing a child neurologist. We did MIR and other boold test. Everything seems fine. Now he is geeting some vitmamins to speed up the development.

At this stage, all he can do is roll his body. He doesn't want to sit. He can sit for some time but we got to hold him.

He is undergoing physio therapy and sensory intergration therapy but the results are slow.

Does unfortunately has come across any case like Fadil( my son)? What would you advise?

I did his medical checkup in one of the best hospitals in singapore and they couldn't comeup with any diagonisis.

I appreciate any advise.


A Father!!!

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    My condolences on this unfortunate event! It's too early to tell, but autistic children often show signs much like this, even as infants (not paying attention). It may be autism, or something else. However, it sounds like he has some physical difficulties preventing him from progressing normally to things like sitting up.

    It may be autism, but there are several other possible explanations, such as head trauma during birth, or poisoning (has he had a toxicology screen?). You need to get him a full evaluation with a specialialist. Has he had a CT or other type of brain scan yet? That should be done soon, as well as several other tests. My niece is autistic and I know her parents wish that the doctors had paid more attention to her early symptoms! Don't be afraid to ask questions and demand answers!

    The links below can give you some more information, I hope. Good luck!

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    I'm sorry to say that your child is severely delayed in all aspects of his development. His motor skills show that he is at the same developmental stage as a three month-old baby. The same seems to be equally true of his visual and auditory development.

    Children who are delayed across all aspects of development equally (which it sounds like he is) are considered to be mentally retarded, and growth and future development are painfully slow for the parents to watch.

    The folks who imply this is autism don't see that the onset of autism begins AFTER a normal period of development. Children with autism develop like normal kids in language/speech skills, visual and auditory prossessing, and motor development. With the onset of the disorder, they regress, and lose speech and language, as well as auditory and visual processing. There is also regression of social skills.

    As you can see, your son does not exhibit autism. These days, "developmental delay" is a wastebasket term for any aberration in development. Your son's "developmental delay"

    is mental retardation.

    I'm very sorry for you and your family; you have a difficult road ahead.

    Source(s): I was a speech pathologist who evaluated and treated many children with delays of all kinds, including autism and mental retardation.
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    The lack of visual stimulus points to autism, as well as the lack of motor development, I work with children with autism, but have never seem a child without the ability to walk, but have never worked with any children under the age of 3, so.. This I do not know.. I do know that with many disabilities, early intervention is best.. Good Luck!

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    Sadly, your child may be autistic. I am not a doctor or physician but it seems to me like he has all of the classic symptoms. research this on the net. He may also have another little known genetic disorder called FRAGILE-X. It is closely related to autism and it is easily missed as a diagnosis once autism is ruled out. I pray for your family and your child.

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    it sounds like you have been down a long road do not give up you are handling it by getting all the appropriate testing done. continue trying until you get a definitive answer.

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    you seem like you have no where to turn

    keep trying and anyone tells you of a next doc try them too

    try anything while he is young he has a faster chance of getting whatever the problem is corrected than when he is older

    god blessings upon your child

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