What is the fastest form of human transport/travel from one continent to another?

It can be plane, military or otherwise. The wife and I disagree on how fast a human travel from one part of the world to another.

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    On September 1, 1974 Major James V. Sullivan, 37 (pilot) and Noel F. Widdifield, 33 (reconnaissance systems officer) (photo inset), flashed across the starting line (radar gates in New York) at approximately 80,000 feet and speed in excess of 2,000 miles per hour. Exactly 1 hour 54 minutes and 56.4 seconds later, they had set a new world speed record from New York to London England. The average speed was 1,807 statute mph over the 3,461 statute mile course

    Source(s): This excludes the space shuttle, which travels much faster, but is not point to point on the earth.
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    WELL BACK THEN it was concordes that were the fastest, traveling at mach 2.0 or higher. Thats two times the speed of sound. Then a few years later, it was taken out of service for its noise pollution and the dangers it possesed.

    Now, the fstest travel is by air. There are numerous of aircrafts that can transport you and your family.

    > Boeing







    and coming out soon, 787





    Comming soon 330


    Coming soon 350


    Most of these aircrafts are quick and they are having better and better technology.

    I hope this answers your Question!

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    Just eat a lot and become real fat. Than you can do hopscotch from Japan to New York one foot at a time.

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