What should I do with the "Tailings" from a tunnel I have started in my back yard?

I am digging an underground passage over to my mistress's house, and She Has started one from her side. We live about a half a mile form each other. How long do you think it will take to dig a walkable tunnel, under, basicly hard sand and sandstone, if two people are digging towards each other? and where should I distribute the tailings so it wont be noticeable. We dig at night, after work, and we have been dumping it out if suitcases into the river, by the park at lunchtime, but it's starting to make a little sand bar., maybe we should start landscaping the yard with some of it. maybe a little terrace in the back yard?....

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    Wow what a project. If you both can dig 50 feet per night then it would take you about a month. I would sell the tailings as clean fill to a developer, that at least would give you some money for your shoring timbers.

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    Yeah, and then after digging all night,not to mention cutting and dragging and installing support timbers, avoiding all the underground utilities, removing the excess "sand" during the day, and building terraces in your backyard, Oh yeah, and work all day, so they don't get suspicious, not to mention YOUR WIFE, I would have to ask the stupid question........."WHY?" It sounds like you have been watching too many movies! Just my opinion!

  • Tom-SJ
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    You should put the tailings into empty containers such as old milk cartons and wrap them in plain brown paper. Slap one of those postage-paid reply envelopes or postcards onto each one and drop into the mailbox. You won't get any free magazine subscriptions but you will get rid of a lot of dirt.

    You could also offer to build raised garden beds for your neighbors.

    Or make container gardens around both of your homes and grow vegetables and flowers.

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    You could stop the tunnel and buy a bike! No sand bars, free exercise, and no back breaking work. Sounds like fun.

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    Why don't you just walk over there

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