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Capital Punishment and Jesus?

In the New Testament Jesus is the victim of Capital Punishment. Presummably he is innocent (blood of the lamb and all that). Why then would Christians support the death penalty when the only example is the murder of an innocent.?

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    I am a Christian and TOTALLY OPPOSED to the death penalty.

    Jesus infact stopped a woman from being stoned to death. She was caught committing adultery and that was the law of the time. Jesus said 'whoever has not sinned themself can throw the first rock at her.'

    Eventually the angry mob drifted away and it was Jesus and the woman left. He said to her 'dont do it again.'

    Thats the Jesus I know.

    Unfortunately a lot of rednecks, sadists and generally misguided people have their own agenda and use the Bible to support it. (taking stuff totally out of context)

    However, you cannot disagree with the FACT that Jesus stopped a womans execution. Despite the fact that it was the law of the land. This clearly shows where he stood on the issue.

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    Another answer instead of a question.

    Jesus was executed by the Romans at the request of the Jews. Jesus was changed as being King of the Jews, a capital crime under Roman rule.

    Jesus was not a victim of capital punishment, but a victim of injustice. The only good part of it was God raised him from the dead.

    In the Old Testament, there were crimes designated a capital, see the 613 commandments to find out which one. By the time, Roman rule came to Palestine, Jewish law no longer use capital punishment.

    Christians separate life in the hear and now and the yet to come. In the hear and now, man makes the rules, and in the yet to come, God makes the rules. Death penalty is in the jurisdiction of man. Christians are focus on God, not man. If you want to stop the death penalty, that is a political goal, not a religious right.

    You will find the separation of this world from the next in Matt 22:21, Mark 12:17, Luke 20:25, and Acts 27:24. The Christian bible has no position on capital punishment, the death penalty.

    Source(s): Christian bible
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    All you people that are against the death penalty can really talk the talk, but let some body smash your little sisters head in and then rape your mother before they run a drill bit through her brain via her ear canal, like the Iraqis did to their victims and then see if you can actually walk the walk as well.

    Source(s): _ It's easy to judge from a distance.
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    The only example of capital punishment is innocent? I think you are really stretching that statement! The people who are put to death today are actually guilty. They've either admitted it or have been proven guilty by evidence and witnesses. Christ is a totally different story altogether and cannot be used to support your wild theory.

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    Capital punishment appears more to be an individual thing than a Christian thing.

    I Can’t connect this to Jesus’ death…..

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    Jesus death was for a reason. That reason was so mankind could be forgiven and attain eternal life that he couldn't attain for himself. Innocent or guilty,Jesus death is in no way, the only recorded death in the Bible. Read it.

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    Just the cross they have to bear, I suppose.

    Seriously, in my country (USA) Christians are often among the most Conservative voters. Since the bible is somewhat vague & unclear at times,it can be interpereted to serve whoever is using it.

    It is not clear how words which were supposed to be from the hand of God, such as "thou shalt not kill" could be made to mean "it's ok for the STATE to kill."

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    Because justice in mans eyes and justice in Gods eyes are 2 different things. Man does not understand God and man takes a lot of Destiny into his own hands instead of waiting upon the Lord to deliver him.

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    An eye for an eye....

    Naturally, I don't support killing an innocent man; however, capital punishment is biblical and necessary. Especially in today's population.

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    who said that Christians support the death penalty?

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