One of my New Year's resolution is.......?

to get on honor roll @ school...does anyone have any good ideas on how to keep it and keep my study habits up without the same old spending hours studying....?

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    Unfortunately, there’s not much else you can do. I know you’re going to hate hearing this, but working hard is really the only way to do well. And hard work is really rewarding, believe me. If you work hard, study hard and get that test or exam back with a big A+ symbol, you’ll realize that it IS worth it. I work really hard, and do very well at school, and I can tell you that its not that hard to do well and have fun at the same time.

    Set aside certain hours in your day when you are going to sit back and relax, and do nothing but watch tv and vegetate. Then set aside another few hours where you intend to do nothing but your homework and assignments and studying. Try to do all your homework as soon as you get home, leaving time to call up the friends, and to enjoy the rest of your evening.

    Plan to go out Friday evenings and Saturday, but then leave Sunday open to review the work you did the previous week and study for the next weeks test.


    Find a study method that suits you-

    Stand in front of some teddy bears or toys, or pretend there are students in the class, and teach the work to the ‘pupils’. The best way to check whether you know the work is to see if you can teach it to someone else.

    If that method is too lame for you, or if you prefer making notes and mind maps, that’s cool too, but talk yourself through what you’ve just learned after each topic, do it aloud, so that you an hear yourself saying it, and therefore remember it.

    Start getting into the studying mode, by doing a topic you know a lot about. Once you’ve done all the things you’re confident about, you know exactly how much time you have to tackle the things you’re NOT so good at, and you’ll already be in the mode.

    Don’t leave studying till the day before. Do a little bit each day, and you’ll be relieved the night before, when you can just do a quick recap.

    FOCUS in class. School is meant t be fun, but if you can understand what the teacher is doing in class, you’ve erased 50% of the studying you would have to do later.

    Make sure your assignments and home work is done properly- once you’ve practiced things before, studying becomes a million times easier.

    Make sure you file your notes correctly, and always keep any papers or notes the teachers give you.keep copies of your old tests, to make sure that you can answer the questions on them before a big exam. Organsisation is a huge key for success.

    But remember, you MUST make sure you have fun. If you don’t find time for fun, you get despondent, and you start to give up. And remember, ITS GOING TO BE WORTH IT :)

    “Don’t leave what can be done today for tomorrow!”

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