Tuesday is mourning day. I've never heard of this holiday before..?

is it new and what does it really mean? We have Memorial Day to remember the ones that have gone on before and Veterans Day for the Military. What's this one for? It must be a Federal holiday because according to my understanding there will be no mail service. Anyone?

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    1 decade ago
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    A national Day of Rememberance, declared by the sitting president for when a previous president has passed away

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    1 decade ago

    Tuesday has been declared a national day of mourning for former President Gerald Ford, which in effect extends an already unusually long holiday season.

    President Bush and Gov. Rick Perry have ordered nonessential federal and state offices to close Tuesday. What does "nonessential" mean? It was unclear, because those offices were closed over the weekend due to the holiday.

    On Tuesday:

    Mail will not be delivered.

    Banks will be open.

    The University of North Texas will be closed (except the library), but no other state school in the area had posted notice of being closed Tuesday.

    Most municipal offices will be open. But garbage service may be delayed because of the New Year's holiday. Consult this Web site or your city for details.

    Buses and trains will run on their regular schedule.

    This, however, looks like it is only applicable to TEXAS.

    It is a one time thing.

  • magpie
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    1 decade ago

    It might be because of former President's Gerald Fords funeral. Monday is the holiday for New Years. Mourning will be for federal employees. Most people will have to work. It will be a one-off, just this year, next year January 2nd will go back to being un-mournful

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    This mourning day is ridiculous. The only people who benefit by it are postal workers. I've been waiting for a prescription to come in the mail and it didn't come Saturday so that means I have to wait until Wednesday now so I'll have a day without my meds (as I will run out on Monday) because the president died and the postal workers don't get enough perks already.

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    1 decade ago

    Its not really a holiday, they just set aside one day of the week for the nation to mourn the passing of a president.

  • 1 decade ago

    Tuesday is considered "Mourning Day" in the U.S. because that is former President Ford's funeral day. many government and federal workers are off. I know because my dad is one of them. it's ONLY for this year: Jan. 2, 2007 and is ONLY for the state of Texas.

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    Tuesday is national day of rememberance of President Ford. He died recently. This does not continue for future years.

  • mo
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    1 decade ago

    Its for past president Ford, and I'll be mourning too, cause I got to go back to work!

  • 1 decade ago

    For the death of President Ford.

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