What music and celebrities do you think will be popular this year?

What style of music do you think will be most popular??

Looking foward to any new movies or events??

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    Dr. Dre is making a new album. Rap fans love him. Democrats have momentum. Tigers will the world series. This is the year of 3rd installments: Spiderman, Pirates of Car, Shrek...

    too bad there's not gonna be a new bond movie cuz it's (2)007.

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  • 3 years ago

    thrilling. in many circumstances I mushy human beings up for asserting such matters approximately modern-day-day music yet i visit surely bypass with this... You do comprehend that each and each and all the music they comprehensive on the Grammys are actually not the only artists obtainable. i found out to now no longer take the Grammys heavily. it relatively is one extensive shaggy canines tale. do merely a sprint diagnosis on some non-mainstream bands. i might desire to furnish you some ideas in case you like: The Black Keys Beck Silversun Pickups The Raconteurs The Presidents of united states each and every time I Die We have been given here as Romans The Architects

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think NeYo is going to be hot this year. He has an album coming out in the Spring. I have to say......he is a talented song writter and his dance moves are just an added bonus.

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