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Who got the new year first?

What timezone was the first to enter 2007? Where in the world, i.e. what countries?

Also, what time did they enter in the central time zone in America?

And, (lol sorry 3 questions) would it be bad if I gave my cat a little bit of sparkling juice at 12:00, just for a treat for him?

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    Doesn't Malaysia hit the new year first?

    What time did who enter the central time zone?

    That reminded me, I have some sparkling juice in the fridge. Think I'll go crack it open. Thanks.

    Just looked it up -

    Kiritimati on the Christmas Islands, in Kiribati enters year 2007 first

    Good question, very interesting. Thanks for asking.

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    I know that US just occurred about 42 minutes ago at where I live. I was speaking to a friend on line in Australia and theirs was about 12-14 hours ago. So they were before us. Parts of Europe are six hours past our time zone so they already had theirs too--such as Sweden.

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