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Totally disgusted by the bloodthirsty questions on here regarding Saddam. Anyone with me?

I just am appalled at all the people on here clamouring for the video of his death.

I am shocked and saddened that civilised people would really watch someone die a gruesome death, and then complain about the 'quality' of the video!

Is this really the nature of the world now? If so what hope do we have?

Call me naive, but I still cannot even believe that they hung him. Next, I cannot believe it was videotaped and images of him before and after his execution have been broadcast.

Is this acceptable?

Does anyone else find this whole episode disgusting? I am really amazed that there are people who are emailing execution videos! What on earth is this world coming to?


Nick O - why did you bother answering this question? I feel really sorry for you. Where is your heart? Your compassion? What has happened to people that their hearts are this hardened to humanity?

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    Death of any person is not an event to rejoice. Don't worry peoples to whom you are referring are in small numbers. They are vocal. It is responsibility of Iraqi leadership to concentrate on law and order situation and protect the lives of innocent people.

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    you are not the only one that feels this way I am disquesting at the enjoyment of the people of seeing someone being exucuted, and I not saying that he doesn't desrves it but I have mixed feelings. He was still a human being and we should forgive him I did reguadless of what he did. I would never enjoy watching someone die. now I know the bible saids if you live by the sword you die by sword which Jesus said. The other thing I have no interest like you watching a video. I don't want a film about him. I have been shocked at the questions is this really what the world comes to that we would want to watch someone die. I am ashamed to anyone that would act like this. If this how we act then the world is in sad sake without hope. do we no have faith and love isn't that what Jesus taught us forget about saddam think about Jesus and getting into the bible. There has been message about saddam stamp and people putting a picture of him in their window, let Think About Jesus not Saddam. Saddam is dead. I am shocked and appallied get into the bible people not anymore about saddam.

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    First of all, how about getting his name correct: Salman Rushdie. It was published in 1988. I suppose that would make it after the end of the Cold War, but not by much. Rushdie, as an apostate of Islam, is sentenced to death under the tenants of Islam. His writing inflamed Muslims by "insulting" Mohamed. You see how that worked out in Sudan recently. Muslims hold Mohamed most sacred and he is supposed to be above reproach. But for the rational and thinking people of the world, that just isn't the way things work. And no writer should need to hide from what they write. It isn't civilized. To the barbarians of the world, grow thicker skin, and develop some rational thinking skills.

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    You said it right. You are not alone at all. Millions around the world feel the same way as you do including many of those who believe that he was a tyrant and justice needed to be done. But those responsible for execution made it sure that it is seen as a revenge and not justice. The way it was carried out was despicable and in doing so they created more sympathy for him around the world.

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    I agree with you 100%. I am hoping that the majority of Americans have compassion & wouldn't even consider watching the video. It is so discouraging & disgusting to think that so many Americans would enjoy watching someone hang regardless of who it is. I don't believe in the death penalty as I believe it is immoral & a crime in & of itself. At least with life imprisonment an individual has a chance to atone & save their soul.

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    Yes, I agree with you. Iraq is a hell hole. The lessons we should learn from this mess are that violence is only justifiable as a last resort, for self-defence, and not for settling scores or revenge. And no religion ever invented is worth spitting for, much less fighting and dying for. If I lived in a place like that, I'd do my damndest to get out with my family. We should be generous to refugees from places like that. The two most stupid reasons for fighting a war are religion and patriotism, tribalism, nationalism or whatever you choose to call it, in that order. And it's a sobering thought that the West Germans, even after being brutalised by 12 years of Nazi rule, abolished the death penalty as soon as they became a nation. So did Nelson Mandela's government in South Africa as soon as they got rid of apartheid. The victims of apartheid like Mandela and Tutu even set up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission and forgave most of the crimes committed by their oppressors.

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    I am with you al lthe way. you are not naive but sadly there seems so many naive and ignorant americans here.

    A sad by-product of your high effective media.

    My questions to those many people :

    Why are they so angry with Saddam Hussein? Apart from the usual 'he torutred and killed thousands of people' excuse, I don;t think there is any thing else to pin point him.

    He's as good or rather as bad as many dictators now still in power, why not be angry with those too.

    I hope your ignorant nation can wake up soon and face the reality of your own devil in your White House.

  • I mean if the U.S. is gonna hang him, yea, I think there should be footage. It's kinda scary for the gov to be secretly killing ppl

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    hes a horrible man and deserves 10X what he got. 10X! I wish it would have been more gruesome. I watched it about a couple hours after his death and loved it.

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    I'm with you 100 %

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