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Why do the christians who are trying to convert you insist that the rich people are not really happy?

or they're not happy at all??? Believe it or not, there are non-religious rich successful people or agnostics who are deliriously happy or reasonably happy with their lives. I agree there're many unhappy rich and successful people out there but there're those who love waking up in the morning everyday and actually enjoy their work, in good health and have good family and love relationship and feel contented with their lives.

I think this is what poor and unfulfilled people tell themselves to make themselves feel better. If they know the truth, they will have a nervous breakdown that God is in fact an unfair God. He chooses to bless His other children instead of you. So please don't try to tell me that that people who have it all can't be happy with their lives.

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    Happy now.

  • Actually, research has proved that statistically speaking, the rich and the poor parapelegics of the world rate themselves, on average, with the same overall happiness, if not the rich slightly more unhappy. When one is rich, one has higher, and less realistic expectations from the world on average, which can often lead to an angrier life than one who is lacking riches. Actually, much of Christianity in america these days says riches will make you happy and claim god will give wealth to believers to convert people... There's quite a few people preaching this and getting rather large followings.

    You also overlook the fact that there are many, many people who don't make that much money who still love waking up in the morning everyday and actually enjoy their work in good health, wealth is really a fairly small factor in satisfaction, especially considering many rich people live roughly at, or beyond their means, and as such never see their money while it's paying for a lot of stuff that doesn't make them happy or they never take advantage of.

    Source(s): Seneca, sociological studies, personal experience, etc.
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    Okay, I believe there are at least a couple of different factors here:

    The Bible says that you cannot serve both God and "Mammon." It also says that it is "...easier for a Camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to go to heaven." There are some other texts as well that may be believed to support the conclusion or belief that it is "sinful" to be rich.

    I believe that these texts are taken out of context of the true meaning when Christians believe it is sinful to be rich. For example: the "eye of the needle" text refers to actual camels (beasts of burden-loaded down) entering a city after the main gates to the city walls were closed. In other words, you can't take it with you to heaven! That doesn't mean it can't be of use to you (and God's will) while you are here on earth! You just don't want the accumulation of material goods to be the "God" of your life. Those things are temporary. Your soul, and how you choose to use it, however, is permanent.

    Additionally, some people, such as Catholic nuns and priests, take a vow of poverty so that they can focus on the work of the Lord-at least to my understanding and memory-without the distraction of accumulating material goods.

    Finally, I grew up in a poor houshehold hearing the same thing from my father. I love my late father, and I'm grateful for the good upbringing. I really, don't know what he was thinking, though. Maybe he was just trying to make us feel better about our situation, although, our poverty was not his fault. It was due to my mom's catastrophic illness that he could do nothing about.

    Source(s): Pesonal experience, reading, growing up in a Christian home.
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    Ok first off, there are different levels of happiness. And yes, you are right rich people can be very happy, and most are. But as a christian you will have a deep inner joy that is inexplainable. You feel like you have a purpose in life, and you feel happy deep inside. And watch out with what you say about God. You sound a little disrespectful. No, maybe life isnt always fair, but there's a difference between being just and being fair. God is just. You are right, he chooses to bless some with lots of money and not others. Big deal. That's life. so anyways, there is a difference between happiness and joy. and I hope you find that joy soon.

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    Well, I've never had a Christian who was trying to convert me tell me that rich people are unhappy so your statement isn't true of all Christians.

    I think all rich people are happy. Why shouldn't they be?

    Life is also unfair. The Bible does not state anywhere that every person will receive equality on this earth or in physical wealth. In fact, it states the opposite.

    There will always be the rich and the poor.

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    Happiness comes from within. It is not a gift of God.

    Joy unsearchable is a gift of God. It is a fruit of the spirit of God. Whereas Happiness is temporary, and fleeting. Joy is permanent and life fulfilling. Happiness comes and goes with the temperament of the person. Joy stays with the good times and the bad times.

    Joy is a fruit is a fruit of the Holy spirit of God and God does not take His gifts away.

    That is whey some Christians say happiness, or true happines is not found within non Christians.

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    Why are Christians so afraid of folk who basically don't think in any god?!!!! somewhat it may basically be as a results of fact they're so afraid that atheist are ideal and that they are incorrect or it would not difficulty them!!!!!! however the easy actuality is they're purely following their programing!! popularity of a supernatural declare has a tendency to sell cooperative social relationships. This verbal substitute demonstrates a willingness to settle for, without skepticism, the effect of the speaker in a fashion such as a toddler's popularity of the effect of a make certain. via encouraging this sort of habit the place the main severe social relationships ensue it facilitates the shortcoming of skepticism and deters extra open minded thinking. they're christian, Muslim or the different religions based the place they have been born as a results of fact they have been indoctrinated via their mum and dad as very youthful little ones. they are going to bypass directly to indoctrinate their own little ones and those will bypass directly to indoctrinate their grandchildren!!

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    I'm sure a lot of people told Noah that when he told them a flood was coming. They were happy and content. Why would he want to spoil their party. He must have just been jealous. You'd think after 100 years of preaching about an flood soon to happen, people would start to think he was a little nuts. But after 120 years and it started raining hard, they started to think maybe all their earthly stuff wasn't that great or important. Don't store up treasure on earth, where moth and rust destroy. Store up treasures in heaven.

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    Not ALL Christians feel that way. The Bible doesn't say that rich people are unhappy. It's basically saying that the less you need to rely on God, the more likely you are to "forget" about Him.

    Unfortunately, many Christians are doing more to give God a bad name than anything else. They need education.

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    They are getting that from the Bible, but I think they are just overthinking it to mean that all rich people are sad. Really, just because one has a bunch of money doesn't in no way mean they aren't saved or happy, that's between them and God. It seems to me that if anyone says they are all this or that, they are judging. I'll have to agree with you.

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    Perhaps you need to read a bit on psychology. Money does not correlate with happiness.. it only relieves one of being overly indebted.. People have their own problems regardless of income. Money does not separate them from emotional upsets and other of the vices, which seem to plague humanity.

    You may get a little insight by reading up on pessimists/optimists.. could be a real eye opener for you.

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