What is a good new years resolution????

For a 14 year old girl

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    Keep a journal. Each time you write in it make sure you also include at least 2 things that you are grateful for. This goes back to when Oprah talked about keeping a journal including the things you were grateful for. I tried that. I just couldn't come up with a list of 10 things every day, or each time I wrote in it. I found it much more therapeutic to write what I was feeling as well as including at least two things I was grateful for that day. I felt better "venting" about the crummy things, bragging about the great things that may have happened, and then including two other things that I probably wouldn't have even noticed. When I went back and to re-read some previous entries I often found that it was a relief that I included the things I was grateful for because it made me stop and think. Not only on the day that I wrote in my journal, but also on the day that I read about my past. I realized that even when things seem to be going bad at the time I still had positive things going on. Things that helped me though the day, week, or whatever. And then you learn how much you depend on .......your family and friends. Honestly. You will realize that the people around you help you so much. And you will want to do something to better their lives as well. What could possibly be a better resolution? No matter what age you are??

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    im a 14 year old girl, too. Well i would suggeest at 100 hours of community service like at elementary schools and homeless children centers ( it will look good on your record especially to graduate from high schoool}, losing a couple pounds especially cause of all those hot cheetos l0l, trying to get straight A's in the next semester and making a vig difference in the life on someone u care and love.

  • This New Years i've decided to write down a bunch of little things that I should do but dont. Then every week i'll draw one out and do it all week. When the next week comes around i'll continue that one but also draw a new one. Some examples of mine are:

    -Do 30 minutes of arobic activity 3 times this week

    -Drink 7 glasses of water a day everyday this week

    -Don't eat after 8pm for the rest of the week

    -Tell someone you're thankful for them every day this week

    -Each morning take time to strech and relax this week

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    The best resolution for you would be;

    to not need anyone else's opinion on what's best for you.

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    "Be the Best You Can Be!" Try hard at everything you do and you will never have any regrets.

    Have a Great 2007!

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    Simply choose to be kinder to people. Even people who are mean to you, be kind to them, too.

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    Devote your time to respect yourself and to value yourself.

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    be a better person

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