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When you're mad at a friend, or a little hurt by them, is it better to speak your mind or remain passive?

and in either case what is the best thing to do?

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    Nothing is 'ever' accomplished by 'keeping quiet' or remaining passive.

    ''IF'' he/she is really your best friend then you should 'tell' them(politely) how you feel, and why!

    'TRUE' friends should be able to speak their mind (respectfully)

    and let each other know when something has upset, hurt, or

    angered them.

    Many a friendship has ended because one friend 'or both' were not willing to hear each other out.

    And to me, this is a prime example of findind out who your 'real'

    friends are!!

    If this friend of yours has unknowingly hurt you, approach him/her

    with care, and not with anger.

    But if they are aware of hurting you, forget it altogether!

    They should be the one coming to appologize to you if they know

    they have hurt you.

    In that case, they aren't a 'true' friend..

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    I think the best thing to do is to say what you feel. I have had "friends" who would say mean things to me and I would blow it off until I realized that that is not the way I deserved to be treated. But also we can get angry and tend to hurt the people we care about the most. If they are really and truly your friends they will apologize. Hope this helps and good luck.

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  • for me ive found if its a girl speak your mind shell most likely understand you and if its a guy dont let on your mad or then that person will think your weak

  • Staci
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    Friendship is about being able to tell your friend anything! The good and the bad. Share your thoughts, be open to their viewpoint and work it out. Come to an understanding.

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  • 1 decade ago

    first off, be very sure why you are mad or hurt,, then speak to them tell them how you feel, as well as what you want to see happen

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    speak your mind. They are a friend. If they were someone else, it would depend on the situation. Good luck! :]

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    It's better to tell them how you feel, that's unless you don't like them any more. Then let the fight begin!

  • emnari
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    i would speak your mind or talk to them about what it was that made you angry ... they will most likely keep doing this until you tell them.

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    speak your mind at all times, and if they don't like it then the hell with them

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    keeps it real people respect you more if your honest and tell em like it is

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