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What is this cottage cheese-like substanse?

While getting intimate with a girlfriend, I came upon a situation that was rather strange. She had a cottage cheese like substance 'there'. Is that a yeast infection? or what?

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    A cottage cheese like substance sounds like a yeast infection. Definately do not give oral sex to her when she has that or else you can get a nasty infection called thrush in your throat. Did you notice a bad odor? If so, then that is a infection. She needs to go to a doctor. There is ointment or cream that a doctor can give her to clear it up if it's an infection.

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    At different times of the month, women secrete different types of discharge. That is not a yeast infection. Discharge is what happens when the body is trying to cleanse itself and is continuous. A yeast infection looks like gooey mucus and has a harsh odor.

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    It sounds like a yeast infection.

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    Yes, it was most likely a yeast infection.

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    most common discharge for a yeast infection. Tell her to go to the doc...it might be something else...if she has one, you need to rub some of the topical ointment on yourself...men are carriers of them.

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    yes its a yeast infection.

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    Could be yeast, could be a VD.

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    could be yeast or gonorrhea

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    Yes it is.

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