I did something really HORRIBLE?

My husband and I were pregnant with our first child, and had just bought another home. I am not a dog lover, but I get home one day and there is a BIG *** german shepherd. That wasn't so bad letting this 125 pound puppy in our new home where he was allowed to s h i t on our floor and mess up everything in the house, not to mention the horrible smell he left. The dog was so huge it kept jumping on me and I was terrified and my husband would just laugh, well that was until I went into early labor from the dog jumping on my stomach. I thought that was the end of the dog but low and behold he was still in the dam house. So one day I took the dog and gave him away and told my husband he jumped the fence again. Was that horrible


Just to let you all know this was not a mutual decision for us to get a dog, and we argued many times about keeping the big 125 pound dog outside the house

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    yes it was mmost certianly horibble of you . I'd give you away. not the dog *****

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    Actually a pet is like a child or family member. It was wrong of your husband to get one without having you involved in the choice. It was even worse of him to think it was funny of the dog causing harm to you, and him not taking care of the animal. What if the dog jumped on you while you had your baby in your arms? Then what?

    If your husband wanted a dog he should have talked it over with you, taken the time to train the dog how to behave inside as well as towards people, and taken care of the dog by putting him outside when needed and clean up after him.

    Think you need to have a talk with the hubby before he brings home anymore though. You now need to take into consideration there's a baby in the house that the dog can attack, become rough with, etc.

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    You feel guilty not because you got rid of the dog, but because you lied to your husband.

    From your notes you said your husband laughed when he jumped on you.

    Were you able to sit down with him and say "I can't take this dog?"

    Only you know if you did all you could to communicate that you were not happy about a dog.

    Owning the dog should have been a discussion between both of you with your agreement to it. I am getting the impression you were not consulted.

    You should sit down and have a talk with your Husband about how you feel about large breed dogs- or you will come home and find another one.

    If he is insistent on them, you may be able to work out a compromise- like a back yard kennel

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    Not being honest with your husband is not a good thing. The dog was big and out of control. Your husband should have seen that and made sure your health and well being were okay. Imagine if he jumped on your new baby.

    Look, its done and over. Dont bring it up again, but put your foot down about bringing anymore pets in the house, and for goodness sakes.....no more lying!

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    No it wasn't horrible. It wasn't the best way to resolve the issue, but I see your point. I think you and your husband could have set boundaries for the dog. The dog obviously needed some training. Could there have been a room designated for the dog? That way the dog new where it belonged....Also, you could have taught the dog command words so that it wouldn't jump on you. A dog is a lot like a child. They need lots of attention and some discipline. Again, it wasn't horrible, but it wasn't the best resolution.

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    Your problems are bigger than a 125 pound puppy.

    A large dog is an enormous responsiblilty which needs constant training, orientation and maintenance. It sounds as if your husband did not have the maturity to handle the task.

    You did what was necessary for your well-being at the time. You also need to be honest and direct with your husband.

    You need to create a loving, nurturing environment for your child. There is no room for irresponsible, immature behavior from either parent.

    Good Luck to both of you.


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    At least you did not do anything bad to the dog. Obviously your husband did not have the same concerns that you had. My wife and child should be more important than a dog. I am not a dog lover at all, but finally let my husband get a pure breed yellow lab. He can be annoying at times, but I have really grown to love him. With that said....if he were to cause some sense of endangering my family...then I would have had to get rid of him. Or call "The Dog Whisperer"! lol

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    The man is a baffoon! What in the world would he had done or thought if something tragic happened as a result of that stupid dog jumping against you while being pregnant.

    I had a husband once who was jealous of our small dog. I came home from work one day and he told me he got rid of the dog. Needless to say, he is no longer around.

    You have to look out for your best interest and the best interest of your baby. If your man is not bright enough to do that, then kick his butt out and maybe he will wise up, see the error of his ways and come back begging you to forgive him.

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    No it was not a horrible thing to do. It's not like you abandoned him somewhere or let it stray, you gave it away, so your heart was in the right place. As long as your husband doesn't find out then don't speak of it, after all he didn't consult you when he purchase the dog in the first place.

    But you're plan might backfire if he decides to replace the dog. Good luck!

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    You must have a feeling deep down that it was the wrong thing to do, or you wouldn't be asking. You should've been honest with your hubby even though it might not have been pleasant. Perhaps he would've found a nice home for the dog. I hope you handle other disagreements with more honesty in the future, or you will be building your future together on a shaky foundation.

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    You should have just told him straight up that you didn't like what the dog was doing and that you didn't want it in the house. You have a right to say something too ya know! Other than making you go into early labor (which was bad enough) something else could have happened to you that could've hurt the baby.

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