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how can i create a free domain without paying any money from my pocket ?

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  • simple see www.dyndns.com and get a free domain name the name will be in the format:


    you can only have one free domain name from them, and you will also need the free dynamic domain name updater you will find a link on the dyndsn website.

    i hope that helps.

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    Use the ending .tk

    For example:

    Website name would be like: qwertyoops

    So type in qwertyoops.tk in the web and it'll take you to .tk and you can make a free domain but it is only a trial. :/ You could always try freewebs but that's not really what you're looking for right?

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    If you go to a site like dyndns.org or changeip.com you can get a free domain. However, it will actually be a subdomain, such as domainname.ns01.us instead of domainname.com.

  • find a better world wear things don't cost money. you can't get a free domain name. you can get a subdomain like geocities. but if you think you can get a free webpage your out of your mind.

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    How can I get free money? !!!

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